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As if Flying Didn’t Make You Sick Enough, British Airways is Rolling Out VR on Some of its Flights

Happily, it's highly unlikely that you'll be caught in a sudden bout of turbulence while your headset's on, as VR entertainment is being trialled for first class customers only, travelling from London to JFK. Read More >>

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British Airways is Flogging a Pricey RFID Tag for Your Luggage in Case it Loses It

In a ballsy move that takes the onus off airways to actually do their job and look after your luggage, British Airways has unveiled a digital tag that will ensure it finds its way back to you. Read More >>

People Have Been Using British Airways to Fly Pizza from London to Nigeria

Remember that email you had from a Nigerian prince who just needed a bit of help to release his fortune? Well, maybe it wasn't quite so far-fetched, given the latest story out of the African country. Read More >>

BA Shamed as Least Efficient Transatlantic Passenger Hauler

If you want a slightly less environmentally toxic way of managing your luxury winter shopping holiday to New York, use any airline that isn't British Airways. That's the conclusion of a report into transatlantic passenger flights assembled by the International Council on Clean Transportation, which blames everything from old planes to space for more luxury seating for BA's poor economy averages. Read More >>

How Hackers Compromised 380,000 British Airway Customer Payments

A British Airways data breach that exposed at least 380,000 card payments was caused by a card-skimming malware that customers were inadvertently exposed to through the airline’s website and mobile app, according to research from security firm RiskIQ. Read More >>

Flying Sucked Before it Involved Urine-Soaked Seats, Which by the Way, It Apparently Does Now

Flying is terrible these days. It flat-out sucks. From ballooning lines to get through security procedures that mostly don’t work to random fees and seats so small analysts believe they may be safety hazards, it’s really just not a pleasant way to spend your time. Read More >>

BA’s Massive Technical Issues The Result Of Human Error

BA suffered a massive fault last week when it suffered a power surge following an employee disconnecting the supply. Upon reconnection, there was a surge that knocked out the system and resulted in all flights from Gatwick and Heathrow being cancelled on Saturday. According to the BBC the power shutdown somehow managed to bypass the battery backup systems known as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). Read More >>

British Airways’ ‘Digital Pills’ Could One Day Decide Your In-Flight Meal For You

A patent application from British Airways has offered an unusual glimpse into the potential future of flight, describing an ‘ingestible sensor’ capable of monitoring a range of bodily functions. Read More >>

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Watch an Airbus A380 Abort a Landing When it’s Incredibly Close to the Ground

Here’s a British Airways Airbus A380 attempting to land at Vancouver airport. You can see the world’s largest passenger airplane make its final approach and come so, so close to the ground — but then decide to abort and make a go-around instead. It’s mightily impressive to see such a big plane make a manoeuvre like this. Read More >>

A Drone Probably Didn’t Collide With A British Airways Jet 

Remember how a week ago, British Airways thought that they had collided with a drone? British authorities are speculating that they might have hit something a bit more harmless: a plastic bag. Read More >>

British Airways Confirms That People Are Actually Using the Apple Watch

BA has done some figure work, and says the use of its Apple Watch app rose by 386 per cent between June and October, proving that some consumers do actually use the timepiece to get stuff done. To make Apple customers feel even more smug, the airline’s set to roll out 136 ‘Scan and Go’ scanners at check-in desks across Terminals 3 and 5 at Heathrow Airport by 15 December. Apple Watch users will be able to quickly scan their boarding passes and print their own bag tags with a flick of the wrist. Read More >>

British Airways Frequent Flier Accounts Hacked

Those of you lucky enough to be in possession of a frequent flyer executive club card issued by British Airways might need to come up with a new super-secure 50-word pass-sentence this morning, as the flier has revealed it's today's Hacking Victim of the Day. Read More >>

British Airways Embraces Tedious Cat Videos

BA is adding a new section to its in-flight Slow TV listings, going by the name Paws & Relax. It's animal cartoons and documentaries all the way here, because "scientific research" told the flier that watching clips of cats slows the heart rate. Unless you hate the arrogant, stupid things. Read More >>

Seven-Hour Norwegian Train Trip Added to BA’s in-Flight Video Options

The seven-hour train journey from Bergen to Oslo is the latest blockbuster to be added to the British Airways in-flight entertainment options, as the flier adds "Slow TV" options to its film menu. Read More >>

British Airways Short-Haul Flights are Going to Get a Little…Cosier

Do you like being able to feel your legs? No? Then you're going to love BA's short-haul aircraft makeovers. Its 95 Airbus aircraft (starting with the A320 model) are being refitted to add more seats in its Club Europe allocation. So, while between six and 11 additional passengers will be squeezed into each flight, all passengers will lose four inches of legroom, down to 30 inches from 34 inches. Better practice your contortionist techniques. Read More >>