Scientists Set to Explore Mysterious Seafloor Exposed by Antarctica’s Giant Iceberg

Remember the massive iceberg that split away from Antarctica last year? An international team of scientists is about to embark on a mission to explore the newly exposed marine ecosystem underneath—one that’s been hidden for over 100,000 years. Read More >>

Stunning New Atlas Shows the Polar Seafloor Like We’ve Never Seen It

An unprecedented collaboration involving 20 countries, 75 institutions, and over 250 marine geologists has yielded a new atlas that’s providing our best glimpse yet of the seafloor at both polar regions of the planet. The images are of significant scientific value, but they’re also quite beautiful. Read More >>

Daredevils Just Rescued Someone from the South Pole in the Middle of Winter

A team of pilots and a medical worker are in the midst of evacuating a sick staff member from a science base near the South Pole. The rescue attempt is considered treacherous given the extreme midwinter temperatures and distances involved. Read More >>

The Power Went Out at This Antarctic Research Station While it Was -55C

It's been a very, very cold winter in Antarctica, with scientists reporting record lows all over the continent. Which makes the fact that researchers living on the Brunt Ice Shelf lost power for 19 hours even scarier. The British Antarctic Survey has announced it's halting all science until the situation gets resolved. Read More >>