British Gas to Offer Free Weekend Electricity to Smart Meter Users

British Gas customers have been given a great reason to save all of their cooking and vacuuming duties for the weekend, with the energy company offering free electricity to smart meter users. Read More >>

British Gas’ Boiler IQ System is a 24/7 Doctor for Your Home

A new kind of boiler-monitoring system has been revealed by the fossil fuel enthusiasts at British Gas, one that has a range of embedded sensors inside it to monitor its health -- and radio back to base should an engineer be needed to unclog something with a straightened out coat hanger. Read More >>

British Gas is Absolutely Raking it in

British Gas made a whopping £574 million in profits in 2015. That's a tidy sum. It represents a 31% upswing from the previous year, during which it brought in £439 million. The company says this was due to a 5% increase in gas consumption, as a result of colder weather, though we’re pretty sure the massive drop in wholesale gas prices played a small part too. Read More >>

British Gas Login Details Seized and Leaked Online: Company Says it isn’t to Blame

It’s happened again. Yet another UK company has been involved in a big security scare, with British Gas following TalkTalk and M&S into the naughty books. Read More >>

TalkTalk, British Gas and M&S Cyber Attacks: What to do if Your Account has Been Hacked

TalkTalk, M&S and British Gas have had some serious security issues over the last couple of weeks, with millions of customers' personal details potentially stolen. That’s really fucking bad. Though you might not be able to change the past, there are a few steps you can take to try and protect yourself. Remember, time is of the essence. Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #4: Four Readers Give Their Final Verdicts On Hive Active Heating

It's the last week of the last Testmodo before Christmas. Our Giz readers-turned-reviewers have been warming themselves on Hive's Active Heating for a good month now, with the thermostat in their home, app on their phone and a smart-home spring in their step. Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #3: Four Readers Sync Their Smartphones To Hive’s Appy Heating

Having been glued to their home thermostats for the first couple of weeks, Giz is setting its readers-turned-reviewers free this week to try Hive Active Heating in its natural habitat. App-controlled heating is Hive's standout feature, after all, making you the Master of Equitable Temperatures wherever you choose to lay your hat. So how would our now-seasoned Testmoders Toby, Allan, Roger and Olly handle that kind of world-warming power? With investigative zeal, it would seem… Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #2: Four Readers Take Hive Active Heating’s Scheduling For a Spin

It's week two of our winter-warming Testmodo, with our team of four Giz readers turned reviewers having flown through installation with flying colours and now getting hands-on and suitably active with their Hive Acting Heating systems. Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #1: Four Readers Get Started With Hive Active Heating

Testmodo sees Giz readers turn reviewers and give their hands-on-informed opinions of the latest and greatest kit we can muster, and our recent call to arms for four Giz readers to test Hive Active Heating just as we enter the chilly season saw an unsurprisingly large amount of interest. Read More >>

Testmodo: We Need Four Readers to Review Hive

Following the ongoing success of the last time we anointed Giz readers as reviewers and let them loose on the hottest new gadget, we’ve another chance for you to put some cutting-edge tech under the microscope. And what better tech to be testing as the era of the smart home takes off, and a typically British winter edges near, than Hive Acting Heating, the ever-so-clever smart thermostat system from British Gas? But hurry, you’ve only got till the end of Tuesday 4th November to apply… Read More >>

Space Jump Man Isn’t the Only One With Bad Gas

It looks like British Gas customers are in for a nasty shock to their gadget funds. Despite an increase in profits, apparently British Gas is about to shove up its gas prices, which could make an extra £100 dent in your wallets. Damn, that's a quarter of a Galaxy S III. [Evening Standard] Read More >>