Unmade Monty Python Sketches Will be Going on Display in the British Library

Aside from the odd stage show, Monty Python have been out of business since the release of The Meaning of Life back in 1983. But they still remain as popular and any news related to the comedy troupe is more than welcome. If you've just finished watching the archive of Python material on Netflix, and have been craving more, there's good news. A trove of unmade material will be going on display at the British Library, all pulled from Michael Palin's private archive. Read More >>

British Library Sticks 1,200 Musty Classics Online

The British Library has digitised 1,200 of the country's "greatest literary treasures" and stuck them online, in a Victorian rarities archive that includes weird stuff like criminal slang from the early 1800s and notebooks written by the Brontë sisters as children. Read More >>

£33m Monument to Newspapers Opens at British Library Today

The British Library's new reading room is now open for business at the St Pancras building, with the Newsroom opening up access to the library's full archive of papers. A staggering 750m pages from papers and magazines are contained inside, along with 4.8m pages from web sites. Read More >>

12 Stunning Data Visualisations That Put Boring Spreadsheets to Shame

Beautiful Science, a new exhibition at the British Library, offers a glimpse at how complex info was presented before technology made infographics so inescapably ubiquitous. Read More >>

15 of the Weirdest Images in the British Library’s New Digital Trove

Digging through the archives of old libraries is a blast. Depending on the library, you'll find everything from dated architectural drawings to snippets of old children's books. You can just imagine the treasures to be found in the British Library's ancient archive. And, now, you don't even have to get your fingers dusty! Read More >>

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Crowdsourced Transcription Project Discovers (Bad) Cookery Recipes By 18th Century Philosopher

Take a walk through University College London, and you may stumble across a wooden display cabinet containing a human skeleton with a wax head, wearing period dress. These are the remains of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), Enlightenment philosopher and spiritual founder of UCL. And thanks to an online crowdsourcing initiative called Transcribe Bentham, his work has taken on a new lease of life. Read More >>

People Are Hating on the British Library For Hooking Up With Amazon

You can just imagine that the British Library was feelin' all good 'n service-y when it decided to include Amazon hyperlinks to its list of 13 million books and texts on its website -- but instead, they're under fire for supporting online shopping instead of small indies and local libraries. Read More >>