pokemon go
Pokemon Go: How Britain’s Parliament, Museums and Transport Responded To The Madness

Today marks a year to the day since Pokémon Go took the world by storm. Initially restricted to Americans, British trainers spent the first week installing workarounds to get their hands on the game. Read More >>

British Museum to Give Livestreamed Tours Over Periscope

If you fancy taking in some culture this evening but you don't want to get your backside off the sofa, The British Museum has you covered. This evening at 6:30pm local time, the British Museum will be broadcasting a virtual tour of its exhibit Defining Beauty: The Body In Ancient Greek Art. Read More >>

3d printing
You Can Now 3D Print Artefacts From the British Museum

Have you ever wandered around a museum and wished that you could have some of the exhibits decorating your own house? Sure you could always go to the shop and buy a miniature version, but it isn't quite the same as having a 1:1 copy. Luckily the British Museum is letting people make their own replicas thanks to the magic of 3D printing. Read More >>

British Museum Wants to Rebuild Itself in Minecraft

The British Museum wants to bring itself to the sedentary gaming masses, by rebuilding the museum and all of its historical exhibits in the always-on world of Minecraft. Read More >>