Chinese Ambassador Says UK Politicians Railing Against Huawei is a “Witch-Hunt”

In case you'd missed it, the UK is a-okay with Huawei being involved with its 5G network - so long as its equipment isn't used in the core infrastructure. But people still aren't happy and China is sick of it. Read More >>

Brexit is Being Rebranded With the Foreign Office Given New Lexicon to Adopt

As is typical when a PR nightmare occurs, those involved want to distance themselves from the offending incident as much as possible. Which is what appears to be happening based on a new directive delivered to Foreign Office staff. Read More >>

Wolverhampton Kicks Off Town of the Year Competition Despite Being a City

The government's Town of the Year competition is off to an embarrassing start. Read More >>

Conservatives Play Silly Buggers on Twitter but Escape Actual Consequences

During the live TV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn last night, the party's Twitter account underwent a sneaky rebrand. Read More >>