The Nation is Having Less Sex Nowadays

The rates at which people across the nation are bothered and/or allowed to have sex are falling, with both men and women over the age of 25 finding themselves too busy, too hot, too cold, too full, too irritated or too distracted to bother going through the whole process at all. Read More >>

Stonehenge, Fish & Chips and James Bond Immortalised on New “British” 10p coins

The Royal Mint wants us to be as excited about weird 10p coins as we are about weird 50p coins, as it's launched a massive new range of 26 alphabetised 10p pieces that — uh-oh! — celebrate the weird world that is "Britishness." Read More >>

Brits Send Meat Pie to Space, Which Seems Like A Waste of a Good Meat Pie

British cuisine generally gets a bad rap, especially from people who've never actually been here before. But it's not so inedible that we have to resort to firing it off  into space to avoid eating it. Read More >>

UK School Names a House After Banksy, Banksy Gives Them a Mural

Turns out Banksy inspires more people than just hipsters and art snobs. Bridge Farm Primary, a primary school in Bristol, recently named a school house after the infamously anonymous artist. And Banksy has returned the favour. Read More >>

Radio 1 Asked to be a Bit More British

A BBC report into its two main radio stations -- Radio 1 and Radio 2 -- has asked future controllers to place more of an emphasis on UK-bred talent, asking bosses to boost the ratio of homegrown talent to those American R&B artists within the playlists of both stations. Read More >>

Honda Forced to Build Extra-Crappy Potholed British Road Simulating Test Track

Our roads are so lumpy, bumpy and full of holes that Honda engineers have had to build a special test track in its Japanese facility, one designed to accurately reflect how well its cars can endure our potholes, angled turns and uneven surfaces. Read More >>

Mark Champkins
Mark Champkins: The Science Museum’s Inventor-in-Residence

Coming up with ideas and inventions on demand is tricky. I work as the Science Museum's "inventor-in-residence" and it is my job to generate a stream of products and ideas that are interesting to the science-savvy as well as engaging to those new to the museum. If possible the products should also be wildly popular and generate lots of income. No pressure then. Read More >>

What Do You Think Is the Best British Innovation From the Last 100 Years?

Britain is and always has been, a powerhouse of invention, innovation, science and technology. From penicillin, DNA, cloning and stem cells, to carbon fibre, radar, the jet engine, Concorde and the ARM chips that power your smartphone, Britain is behind it all in some sort of capacity. But what's the best British invention from the last 100 years? Read More >>

The Iconic “Mind the Gap” Is Back After Widow’s Request

It's not often government shows a touch of class, but TfL's gone and done just that. After a letter from the widow of Peter Lodge, the original "Mind the Gap" man, requesting that it be played on the Northern Line at Embankment, just so she could hear his voice again, London Underground has re-instated the classic announcement at Embankment, and is planning to roll out it to other platforms too. Simply brilliant. If you don't know the tale behind the iconic catchphrase, check out the story on [The Importance of Being Trivial] Read More >>

The 10 Most Badass British Military Machines

Once upon a time, the British armed forces ruled land, air and sea. That time might have been and gone, but British manufacturers big and small are still designing some of the most epic bits of kit for armies round the world. This is a collection of the top ten Made in Britain killing machines. Read More >>

You Know What Would Turn This Country Around? A SPACE PORT

That's the conclusion of a report put together by the Institute of Directors, which claims a working space port located in part of the UK could help boost our £8bn space industry and make us a world leader in the new space tourism industry. Read More >>

Automated Drones Flying Over the Irish Sea, With Men Onboard Just in Case

A consortium led by BAE Systems is trialling a new form of pilotless plane over the Irish Sea right now, which does away with the human element altogether, in favour of a drone that follows a pre-set route all by itself. Read More >>

Raw Beef Bouquet: How to Land a Meat-Lover Lover

A box of chocolates? Yeah, that might be fine for omnivores, but what about that special carnivorous someone? How's about a dozen beef sirloin roses from this butcher in Gloucestershire? Nothing says "Let's get carnal!" like a bouquet of carnage. [Hungree via Design You Trust] Read More >>

iphone apps
Six3 Attempts to Make Video Messaging the Next Big Thing

These days it’s all about asynchronous communication. Gone is the need to actually call people – analogous to standing in front of someone shouting “talk to me now!” -- replaced by email, SMS and a plethora of other messaging services. But when it comes to video calling, how do you send a video message? There’s an app for that. Read More >>