Virgin Broadband Went Down Briefly, Which Basically Meant it Was the End of the World [Updated]

What's the worst thing that could happen when huge portions of the population are either stuck at home or forced to work from home? The internet going down, of course, and because we're basically in the end times that actually happened today. Briefly. For Virgin broadband customers, at least. Read More >>

Virgin Media Drops the Price of its TV and Fibre Broadband Big Bundle Deal

Now all the big companies know you're stuck at home, they've been rolling out deals on stay-at-home necessities like discounted streaming services, and broadband offers, and you should definitely be making the most of it. Read More >>

The Cost of BT’s Full Fibre Broadband Packages Aren’t Bad – If You Can Actually Get It

BT is rolling out its Full Fibre home broadband, and while it's not widely available at the moment, there are a few places that qualify. If you're living in one of them, BT has unveiled the three packages you can choose from. Read More >>

Apple TV Plus Lowers Streaming Quality to “Worst of the Lot -1”

Apple's high-end streaming service for people who must have the best is now worse, slightly, as the company has joined in the fun of reducing the quality of the video streams it offers so it can say it's trying to help maintain the internet quality of the newly sealed-off population. Read More >>

ISPs Say No to Free Internet Connections

The UK's ISPs, which meet probably remotely now under the Internet Service Providers' Association umbrella, are not likely to start handing out free internet connections, no matter how much bored grandchildren say granny really needs broadband in order to, er, stay on top of pandemic news. It is, to be fair, on the telly quite a lot. Read More >>

All Future New-Builds to Come with “Gigabit-Capable” Broadband Connections

Changes to housing legislation will soon legally require every new home in the UK to be capable of connecting to gigabit speeds of internet, thanks to the government offering to part subsidise high-end ultrafast connections. Read More >>

BT is Launching Gigabit Broadband Across the UK

Back in July 2018 Virgin started rolling out Gigabit internet to various parts of the UK, meaning the select few that could get it and afford it could enjoy absurd internet speeds. Now BT is following suit, by launching its own Gigabit services for home broadband customers - which it promises will be "the UK’s fastest home broadband provider in more places than any another (sic)". Read More >>

BT Wants £50 for Every Knackered Home Hub You Have Under the Bed

BT has introduced a formal return demand system for its Home Hub router, and will start demanding a £50 payment should you want to keep your black modem as a memento of all the happy times it enabled, or to keep it safe somewhere as a triple-redundant spare, just in case. Read More >>

Virgin and BT Have Childish Advertising Spat in Bristol Because Being an Edgy Twat is Cool

If only there was some higher power you could appeal to when a fellow ISP made false claims. Read More >>

Vodafone Tops the Table When it Comes to Broadband Complaints

Ofcom has published its latest telecoms and pay-TV complaints league tables and new(ish)comer Vodafone retains its position in the upper echelons. Read More >>

The UK Sucks When it Comes to Giving Value for Money for Broadband

When compared to the rest of Europe, the UK is amongst the worse offenders when it comes to value-for-money broadband packages. Read More >>

google stadia
Google and BT Partner up to Offer a Free Stadia Premiere Edition With Broadband Deals

Google Stadia has its first European distribution partner with BT and its range of superfast broadband services. Read More >>

Vodafone’s Fastest Fibre Broadband Package is Now the Same Price as its Standard One

If you're looking for a tasty deal on superfast broadband, Vodafone has you covered for just £23 a month. Read More >>

Virgin Promises a Free Broadband Speed Boost to Over a Million Customers

Is your internet too slow for you? Perhaps it's because you got used to whatever speed you have, and want to be able to get more stuff faster. Or maybe it's just slow and infuriating. Well there's good news if you're with Virgin, because it's promising more than a million of its broadband customers are getting a free speed boost. Read More >>