In the Run-up to Prime Day Shell is Having a (Very Early) Black Friday Sale

Yes, Shell is doing broadband now. It has been for a while, in fact.  Today's announcement is just as odd and unexpected as that revelation, with Shell's Summer Black Friday Sale. Read More >>

Openreach Pours Warm Pimms on Boris Johnson’s 2025 Full Fibre Target

Boris Johnson, a man best described as a Conservative Party leadership candidate and say no more this is supposed to be a tech blog, recently unilaterally declared that the UK could have a complete full fibre broadband infrastructure by 2025 were he to be enrolled as prime minister -- but the men on the ground in the vans poking wires through the ducts say otherwise. Read More >>

The UK’s Favourite Broadband Provider Is Plusnet According to Broadband Genie

Roll out the red carpet and get your glad rags on, because it's time to announce the winners from the Broadband Genie Broadband Awards. Plusnet cleaned up after being voted the Best Value Provider, Best Broadband Provider, and winning Best Customer Care – which seems to fly in the face of Ofcom's own 2018/2019 report published last month that saw the provider getting far more complaints per 100,000 customers when compared to BT, TalkTalk, EE, Sky, and Virgin. Read More >>

Sky’s New Buddy App Lets Parents Put a Choke-Hold on Their Family’s Internet Usage

Sky has launched a new app alongside its Sky Boost broadband package that will give parents more control over what their kids are up to on the internet, with the ability to manage access to apps and websites, as well as wielding the ultimate power of pausing the internet on a whim. Maybe little Tommy will think twice before he eats the last of the Easter egg stash again. Let that be a warning for next year. Read More >>

BT Ups its Gigabit Connection Targets

BT's latest financial announcement includes some bullish comments by the company's new CEO, who says that, governmental assistance provided, the company could connect 15 million homes and businesses by 2025. Read More >>

You Can Get 6 Months Free Now TV (and Game of Thrones) if You Switch to Now Broadband

The fact that Sky offers Now TV-branded broadband was news to most of us here at Giz UK, if we're being totally honest. But while you might think it's no different to Sky's regular internet offerings, there are a few key differences you may want to consider if you're in the market for a new internet service provider. Currently one of the big ones is that signing up will net you a free six month Now TV Entertainment Pass. Read More >>

Automatic Compensation for Rubbish Broadband Kicks in Today

Ofcom's new scheme to automatically compensate customers for broadband or landline problems goes into effect today. Read More >>

Virgin Media Launches ‘Intelligent WiFi’ that Fixes Itself

Good news if your broadband is with Virgin Media – it's announced a new series of WiFi updates that allow your network to automatically improve itself. Read More >>

Relish is Rebranding to Three Broadband

Relish -- the company that offers plug-and-play WiFi in central London, Reading, and er, Swindon -- has announced it'll be rebranding to Three Broadband after it was bought by the company in 2017. Read More >>

ISPs Must Warn Subscribers of Contention Crunches

The UK's many ISPs are about to come under a new and interesting form of cosh tomorrow, when additional rules covering new broadband connections come into force. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Broadband to Hit 500Mbps by May

Virgin Media's 2018 financial results have been released, containing loads of numbers about users and premises and customers that are not particularly of interest. What they did say, though, is that the maximum speed available to its broadband customers is about to rise to 500Mbps by April/May. Read More >>

‘Forgotten’ Welsh Village Gets Gigabit 5G

A village in the hills of Monmouthshire in South Wales has taken the unusual step of upgrading from broadband speeds of less than 1Mbps to gigabit. Read More >>

Sky TV, Broadband, and Phone Services Are Getting a Price Hike From 1st April

If you're a Sky customer, you might want to pay attention. It looks like you might have to start paying more money for your service come April, as let slip by a change to the small print that was spotted by our colleagues over at T3. Read More >>

The UK Finally Gets Plume’s Mesh WiFi System

We've had our eyes on Silicon Valley mesh WiFi manufacturer Plume for a while now, not least because of its rather gorgeous plug-in SuperPods for improving signal around your home. Read More >>

Virgin Media Trials Multi-Gigabit Broadband

Some of us might still be in the dark ages in terms of our broadband speeds, but a successful trial by Virgin Media shows that hyper-fast multi-gigabit speeds are totally possible. Read More >>