BT Starts Selling G.Fast With a 100Mbps Guarantee

BT is now offering two new types of "ultrafast" broadband to lucky people living within the footprint surrounding profitable exchanges, with BT Ultrafast 1 and 2 now selectable for some customers. Read More >>

Minimum of 10Mbps Broadband to Become a Legal Right by 2020

The government has politely declined BT's offer to implement a voluntary minimum national broadband speed and is going down the regulatory route, promising that "everyone" should have access to a home internet service of at least 10Mbps by the year 2020 as it's to become a legal right. Read More >>

A Small ISP Tested a Wet-String Broadband Connection, Just for Fun

While most companies might occupy their time with making a broadband connection faster and more efficient, one UK ISP decided it would be fun to see how well a piece of wet string would fare. It actually worked as well. Read More >>

Broadband Companies Will Have to Stop Advertising ‘Unrealistic Speeds’ From Next May

There are some new rules about how broadband companies can advertise the speed on their services, and as of next May they're going to have to stop using "unrealistic" speed quotes that almost nobody is going to be able to enjoy. Read More >>

Automatic Phone and Broadband Compensation is Coming in 2019

If you've recently suffered a botched broadband installation or endured a long, internetless wait for line repairs, this won't help much as it doesn't kick in until 2019. But the good news for the sad disconnected people of the near future is that automatic compensation payments for interrupted services or delayed repairs are coming. Read More >>

TalkTalk is Jumping the Gun on Black Friday With £25 a Month Fibre

Black Friday has been happening in this country for at least seven years, if I remember correctly, gaining more and more momentum with each passing November. While many retailers and companies are already gearing up for one of the year's biggest sales, TalkTalk has jumped the gun by over a month. Read More >>

Ofcom: Internet Speed Adverts Must be Realistic

Ofcom has announced that it's going to be introducing new rules on how internet providers can advertise speeds to their customers. This will also give customers more rights, letting them cancel their service if they're unable to get a guaranteed minimum speed. Read More >>

Sky Guarantees Minimum Fibre Speed for New Buyers

Potential new signer-uppers to Sky's Fibre Max superfast broadband product have a nice little carrot dangling in front of them today, as the ISP part of the broadcaster is now guaranteeing a minimum connection speed for joiners. Read More >>

Scottish MPs Say BT’s 10Mbs Broadband Offer Only Suits BT

BT's apparently generous offer to put in place a minimum of 10Mbps broadband for the final few per cent of the country is not going down well in the rural parts of Scotland, with local MPs saying it could end up strengthening BT's monopoly and dissuading other firms from competing to install superfast connections. Read More >>

UK Broadband Speeds Not Meeting Consumer Expectations, says Which?

In today's instalment of 'news that doesn't surprise anyone, but it's nice to have evidence', Which? has revealed that UK broadband speeds are significantly lower than what customers were initially expecting. Read More >>

Virgin Media Caught Selling 200 Megabit Broadband To People Who Won’t Get That Speed

A BBC Watchdog report, which will air tonight, is due to show that Virgin is selling 200mbps broadband products to homes in areas that have high levels of network congestion. That basically means some people are getting much lower speeds than they're paying for. Read More >>

wi fi
Free Wi-Fi For EU And EU And EU, But Not For UK

The EU is going to make sure that every town and city will have access to free Wi-Fi. The UK, presumably, will be closing down the internet border and putting an end to the free movement of electrons. When fictionally asked for a theoretical comment, a made-up Brexit voter said "We don't want any of 'em foreign electrons coming over here taking jobs from our own British electrons". Read More >>

Three’s Offering Mobile Broadband to Help You Ditch Your Landline

If you live in an area with strong signal, chances are your 4G is faster than a standard non-fibre broadband connection. The problem is that it's been almost impossible to use the speedy wireless to ditch your ISP without having to pay a fortune. Three is hoping to put an end to that, with the launch of its new HomeFi 4G broadband service. Read More >>

A BT-Free Openreach is Thinking About Increasing its Broadband Rollout Targets

Now that Openreach has been surgically removed from BT, it's hoped that the UK's broadband infrastructure will end up better and cheaper. Today it's announced that it might be taking one step towards making things nicer for everyone, because its considering increasing previously announced goals regarding the rollout of FTTP broadband. Read More >>

Almost Everyone Hates Their Broadband Provider, Survey Reveals

BT and TalkTalk have been named the worst broadband providers in the UK by consumer group Which?, which reveals that they are still screwing up on broadband speeds, reliability and customer service. Read More >>