8K (Yes, 8K) Broadcasts Just Took a Major Step Forward

Back in May of 2012 the NHK's science & Technology Research Lab in Japan successfully broadcasted an 8K, 7680x4320 signal over a distance of 2.7 miles using UHF frequencies. As a proof of concept it showed that 8K TV could be successfully delivered to televisions over the air, but it lacked the distance of traditional TV broadcasts. Read More >>

Doctor Who Special Earns Dubious “World Record” for Global Broadcast

The endless Doctor Who PR push shows no sign of calming down even now the 50th anniversary special is finally out of the way, with the BBC now banging on about how successful its carefully orchestrated global simultaneous broadcasts were. Read More >>

North Yorkshire, Suffolk and Glasgow Testing Nationwide Mobile Emergency Network

The government seems to be expecting something bad to happen in Easingwold, Leiston and Glasgow, as these are the three areas that'll be testing two new emergency alert systems for mobiles. Read More >>

Could We Soon See a Digital Switchoff as TV Heads Entirely Online?

A Lords committee looking into the future of delivering telly to our houses has put out the idea that terrestrial TV broadcasts should eventually be replaced by an entirely internet-based network, requiring confused old people to adjust their televisions once again. Read More >>

Japan Successfully Broadcasts an 8K Signal Over the Air: Prepare To Upgrade Your TVs Again

We assumed the gorgeous 8K ultra-HDTVs we saw at CES this year were years away. But Japan's NHK has just completed the first over-the-air broadcast of a 7680x4320 signal using UHF frequencies—just when you'd finished paying off your giant HDTV display. Read More >>

Jazz Station Accidentally Broadcast Five Minutes of Porn Noises

Listeners of Jazz FM DJ Mike Vitti's Funky Sensation show got a much funkier sensation than they were expecting, after he accidentally treated them to five minutes of sex grunts during the show. Not James Brown, but actual sex. Read More >>

“This Country Has Been Attacked With Nuclear Weapons”

This is the horrifying script the BBC was planning to broadcast to the nation in the event of a nuclear attack on the country, back in the '70s. If your radio or TV still worked, and if your ears hadn't been melted off your head, this is what you would've heard: Read More >>

Be a Policeman For a Day, Today, Live

Sussex Police is conducting an interesting interactive experiment today, putting out a live, multi-channel, multimedia broadcast of its team going about their business, both back in the station and out on the streets. Read More >>