Day After Announcing Record Revenue, Apple Gets Hit With £833 Million Judgement

Apple was having a pretty good week. The company just reported a record quarter, raking in billions thanks to the iPhone 11 and selling a whole lot of AirPods and Apple Watches. Just a day later, Apple and its wireless chip provider, Broadcom, were slapped with a $1.1 billion (£833 million) judgement. According to Bloomberg, the fine is the 6th largest patent judgement of all time. Read More >>

Broadcom’s Tech Is in Nearly All Your Gadgets—Here’s Why That Suddenly Matters

Broadcom might not be a name you’re immediately familiar with, but some of its technology is almost certainly inside at least one of the gadgets in your home. As it faces big antitrust actions in both the US and Europe, here’s what you need to know about Broadcom, and it how it affects the hardware you own. Read More >>

Major Hardware Companies to Stop Supplying Huawei After US Blacklists Chinese Tech Giant

Several major tech hardware companies will no longer supply Chinese tech giant Huawei with the parts it needs to manufacture smartphones and other electronics, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Read More >>

Broadcom’s Billionaire Co-Founder Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Trafficking

Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas was arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of trafficking narcotics, police told reporters on Thursday. Authorities say the billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist was found with heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy in his hotel suite. Read More >>

Broadcom’s New Chip Will Let Your Phone Use any Wireless Charger

There are way, way too many wireless charging standards, which is part of the reason that the technology is struggling to take off. Now, though, Broadcom has developed a chip that could allow your phone to use any of them. This could change things completely. Read More >>