Social Inequality, Marriage Habits, and Other Clues to Bronze Age Life Revealed in New Study

A fascinating new study chronicles the family histories of European Bronze Age households, revealing the presence of surprising marital practices, patterns of inheritance, and the unexpected early emergence of social inequality within these homestead farms – including the possible use of slaves or servants. Read More >>

Babies in Prehistoric Europe Drank Animal Milk From Ceramic ‘Sippy Cups’

A chemical analysis of pottery feeding vessels from the Bronze and Iron Ages suggests prehistoric European babies and toddlers had diets supplemented with, and possibly replaced by, animal milk, in what’s potentially the earliest archaeological evidence of infant weaning. Read More >>

This 3,000-Year-Old Bronze Age Sword Is Absolutely Incredible

In what archaeologists are calling the “find of a lifetime,” a horde of Late Bronze Age weapons has been discovered at a Scottish construction site. Among the items found is a gold-decorated spearhead, and a 3,000-year-old bronze sword in remarkably good condition. Read More >>

UK’s Oldest Complete Wheel Challenges What We Know About Bronze Age Technology

Researchers have only gone and dug up a massive, impeccably-preserved Bronze Age wheel in Cambridgeshire. The 3ft-diameter disc of old wood has been found at Must Farm -- dubbed the UK’s Pompeii, presumably in an attempt to raise its profile -- close to a collection of roundhouses that were discovered earlier this year. Read More >>

Take a Sip of a 3,300-Year-Old Danish Beer

Wanna get some real beer snob cred? With Egtved Girl's Brew, you can sneer at your friends' beers and their "founded in the 1800s" claims to authenticity. Because this beer's recipe is 3,300 years old. Now that's a legit brew. Read More >>

Modern Man Tries to Build a 3,500 Year Old Boat from the Bronze Age and Fails

A team of people from 2012 tried to re-create and build a boat from 1550 BC, the Bronze Age, but failed spectacularly. When the ship was lowered into the ocean, it immediately filled with water and started sinking. Yikes, we suck. Read More >>