How to Stop Facebook From Sharing Your Browsing History

Earlier today, Facebook announced that it was going to start using all of that ever-so-illuminating app and website data it collects to serve us with more targeted ads. In other words, Facebook is getting ready to hand your browsing history over to advertisers. Here's how to stop them. Read More >>

We Should All Wear This Medical Alert Bracelet That Makes Sure Your Browser’s History Gets Deleted

Christmas is over, but gag gifts can be forever. This medical alert bracelet ensures that doctors know how to treat you if you were to suffer a medical emergency. No, you're not allergic to anything. No, you don't have an emergency contact. You just need a professional to delete your browsing history. Let's face it, gag or no gag, we all need to wear this bracelet. [Reddit via BoingBoing] Read More >>