Fox Looks Like the Future For James Murdoch-Led Sky

James Murdoch has returned to Sky as chairman, four years after standing down in the wake of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. His appointment has triggered talk of a takeover, with US broadcaster Fox believed to be intent on snapping up a majority share. Read More >>

Sky Ditches the Britishness 24 Years After Satellite Merger

Sky will no longer be officially known as BSkyB, with the satellite broadcaster ditching the two Bs it inherited after buying out rival British Satellite Broadcasting way back in 1990. It's now just Sky, even in extremely formal circles. Read More >>

Sky Bets $7m on Whistle Sports Being Sky Sports for Youngsters

When British Sky Broadcasting isn't tweaking its Sky Go offering within an inch of its life, the digital TV firm appears to be investing feverishly in startups. Remember the artist formerly known as Zeebox? Read More >>

Which TV Shows Deserve a Virtual Reality Makeover?

The virtual reality revival so far has centered around the potential for devices such as the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus to deliver compelling gaming experiences. But what about film and TV? Read More >>

Sky Sports 5 Coming Next Week for Euro Football Fans

Sky's about to add yet another sport channel to its Olympic-sized EPG, with Sky Sports 5 set to launch next week. The channel with focus solely on European football, squeezing in coverage of 600 live matches a year. Read More >>

Sky’s DVD-in-the-Post Buy & Keep Service is Now Live

Sky's weird Buy & Keep thing is now operational in the UK, letting people who demand instant digital satisfaction yet still want the reflected glory of a physical media collection enjoy the best of both worlds. You buy a film through your Sky box, you watch it right there and then, before a DVD copy turns up in the post a few days later, to use as a coaster or present. [Sky] Read More >>

Sky Preparing “Buy & Keep” Digital Downloads for Collector Market

If you still feel the need to express yourself via a collection of Hollywood movies, Sky's new Buy & Keep service is for you. It lets you "Buy" then "Keep" digital downloads of films (and TV box sets eventually), with a big selling point of a physical DVD copy for your mainstream media display shelf sent in the post when you buy digitally. It launches "in the coming weeks" says Sky, for a price as yet unannounced. Read More >>

Microsoft Has to Change SkyDrive’s Name Because of a Lawsuit Now, Too

Ha. In a pain-in-the-everything development for Microsoft, it's agreed to change SkyDrive's name because it infringes on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (aka Sky or BSkyB). This is, of course, deeply funny. Read More >>

Sky Beats Microsoft in Battle For SkyDrive Name

Microsoft's just lost a little legal skirmish with BSkyB in the UK, which may result in its SkyDrive cloud storage thing being given a new name. Because Sky's sort of bagsied the whole "Sky" trademark thing already. Read More >>

Sky’s Android Apps Pulled Amid “Hack” Confusion

All of BSkyB's Android apps are currently missing from Google's Play Store today, after the password-guessing warriors of the Syrian Electronic Army claimed to have hacked them over the weekend. The truth's not quite so exciting, though. Read More >>

How Roku Could Win Media Streaming

The Roku is a hell of a media streamer: its only real competitor is the Apple TV, but it costs half as much. No brainer. Which is exactly what News Corp and Sky seem to think — as they've just ponied up £29 million to help Roku win the streaming race. Read More >>

BSkyB’s Arse Saved by Netflix and LoveFilm in Movie Distribution Monopoly Investigation

The long-running investigation into BSkyB's possible monopoly of film services in the UK is over, with the Competition Commission finding that Sky doesn't have an unfair stranglehold on distributing Hollywood blockbuster movies in the UK, thanks in part to the new wave of digital streaming services. Read More >>