The 999 Service is 80 Years Old Today and 35 Per Cent of Modern Calls are Accidents

BT is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the 999 emergency service summoning system today, and is using the occasion to publish a few interesting stats about our most remembered national number. Read More >>

Goodbye Phone Boxes, Hello Wifi Kiosk: Hands-On With BT InLink

What do you do when you own the thousands of spots that used to hold payphones now that nobody needs a phone box to make a call? Read More >>

BT’s Free Superfast 1GBps Phone Pods Switch on Today

BT has activated the first of a miniature fleet of next-gen phone booths in London today, with the ad-supported pod offering free access to 1GBps internet connections. Read More >>

Highest Phone Box Survives BT’s Latest Cull

The highest BT phone box in the UK is to survive for a few more years at least, as the phone network operator has scaled back its plans for a cull of public call boxes. Read More >>

Forced Openreach Price Cuts Could Mean Cheaper Superfast Connections

Communications enforcer Ofcom is asking BT's Openreach division to cut the wholesale prices it charges competitors for superfast connections, which could, if they decide not to keep the savings for themselves, lead to cheaper superfast connections for those using ISPs that rely on reselling BT's service. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Biggest Ever Fine Goes To BT

Ofcom's fining BT a record £42,000,000 for abusing its market power to reduce the amount of compensation it paid other companies. Read More >>

BT And Openreach Are Getting A Divorce

BT's hold over broadband infrastructure org Openreach is finally at an end, with Ofcom winning the drawn-out battle to legally separate the two. Read More >>

BT Spends £1.2bn on Keeping European Football a Secret

BT, the telephones company that will be thought of as a telephones company forever whether it likes it or not, is still trying to pretend it's secretly been a TV broadcaster all along. It's agreed to spend a staggering £1.18bn on keeping the rights to the European Championship League football tournament for another three years, for the benefit of a handful of men who can be bothered jumping through its app and streaming hoops to see it. Read More >>

BT Ordered to Cut Prices for Landline-Only Customers

Communications watchdog Ofcom has a slightly unusual Pancake Day present for everyone who only uses BT to provide their homes with a landline -- £5 off the price of a monthly connection. Happy Pancake Day, everyone! Read More >>

BT Hikes Broadband Prices Across The Board

Annoying news for BT customers today as the company is expected to announce an above inflation price rises that will affect every BT broadband and TV customer. Read More >>

BT Call Protect Automates Spam Caller Block

BT says it's DOING SOMETHING about the modern menace of the spam phone call, and is harnessing the power of something new and exciting to basically automatically add loads of callers to your blocklist if you opt in to the Call Protect service. Read More >>

Government Finds £440m to Help Connect the Last 5% to Superfast Broadband

The accounts of the Broadband Delivery UK scheme are about to be boosted by another larger chunk of government  and BT money, with an additional total of £440m coming its way to help bring "superfast" broadband connections to parts of the country still not covered by today's patchwork quilt of better connection possibilities. Read More >>

Ofcom Boosts BT Infrastructure Sharing Plans for a Full-Fibre Future

Ofcom has announced a plan to simplify the ways outside networks access BT's lines and equipment, with the hope that it'll lead to more full-fibre connections hooked into the UK's homes and workplaces. Read More >>

Ofcom Orders Openreach to ‘Legally Split’ From BT

Ofcom has decided that BT hasn’t put enough effort into addressing its competition concerns, and has ordered the telecommunications giant to legally split from Openreach. Read More >>

BT and EE Blocked From Buying More 4G Mobile Data Spectrum

Ofcom's about to do that clever thing it does to make money again, selling off something that doesn't really exist for millions of pounds. Clever Ofcom. And this time it's not letting the newly merged BT and EE super network buy any of its newly released mobile spectrum. Read More >>