Free Google Home with BT Fibre Broadband

If you've had your eye on a Google Home smart speaker and you're not stuck in a fixed broadband contract, the universe might just have aligned in your favour. Read More >>

BT’s Mesh Networking System Is Now Available To All Fibre Customers

BT's own mesh networking product, Complete WiFi, is now available to all BT fibre customers. Previously, it was only available if you had BT Plus, but now anyone with Superfast or Ultrafast fibre can upgrade to ensure they get strong WiFi coverage throughout the house. Read More >>

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BT Unveils £60 Smart Home Camera

BT's getting fully onboard with the smart home trend, with a range of new products starting with a camera unveiled today. Read More >>

New BT Service Helps People With Hearing Difficulties Get Free Calls

BT is adding a confidential text relay service to its InLink touchscreen information points across the country. Read More >>

BT Pulls Huawei Kit From EE’s 4G Network

BT is quietly shaming Huawei in a major way, by spending vast sums on refitting the entire EE 4G network to lessen its reliance on hardware provided by the upcoming Chinese mobile specialist. Read More >>

Black Friday Begins at BT, With Early Deals on the Broadband

It's been 'Black Friday' for a good couple of weeks at this point, with every retailer pushing out some sort of deal to get you to spend all your money before the now-annual day of shopping arrives. BT has been slower than some, but has decided getting in early is still a wise move. So it's offering some discounts on broadband, which you can go and take advantage of between now and 26th November, Read More >>

EE’s 5G Will Launch as ‘Premium Mobile Experience’ in 16 UK Cities Next Year

We've known for a while that EE and BT were working on getting their 5G services up and running next year, but now we have some solid details on how the networks intend to get that service up and running. It'll start with a 'premium mobile experience' launching in 16 UK cities. Read More >>

New Partnership Means EE Customers May End Up With Custom Apple TVs

It's no secret that Apple has been wanting to infiltrate the world of streaming and television for quite some time, to the point where it's been spending millions of dollars on original content. But there's more to TV dominance than simply creating content people may find too boring to watch. Word is it's in discussions with BT to deliver Apple TV hardware to EE broadband customers, in an effort from both companies to better infiltrate the living room. Read More >>

UKTV Partners With BT To Offer Better On-Demand Services, And In HD

If you're a BT customer, you'll soon be able to enjoy a better catch-up service of UKTV channels. The telecoms company has just announced a new long-term deal with the UK broadcaster that will allow customers to receive more content on demand, as well as offering some of these in HD for the first time. Read More >>

Police Postpone Installation of BT’s 5G Internet Kiosks Over Drug Links

BT has been planning to replace old-fashioned payphone boxes with fancy new 5G internet phone kiosks, but the roll-out has been stalled by the police as they've found the devices are being used by drug users and dealers. Read More >>

BT Copies BT-Owned EE, Launches Mobile Broadband Plans

Over the past few years we've seen networks slowly realise that people would prefer to have broadband that comes from magic beams in the air, rather than a cable installed by an engineer with a six month backlog. Relish did it, then Three bought Relish and launched their own version. EE also decided to get in on the action, and now the company that owns EE has decided its a great idea. So now you can pay BT to deliver you mobile broadband as well. Read More >>

Swansea Gets Free Public Gigabit Wi-Fi

Swansea has been chosen to receive the very latest version of the BT phone box, with the new hardware offering all sorts of modern fun like USB charging, free local and mobile calls, and the chance to test your phone's modem like never before with up to 1Gbps Wi-Fi connections. Read More >>

Openreach Chops Wholesale Price of Fibre Connections by up to 40 Per Cent

BT's Openreach division is planning to massively reduce the prices it charges the likes of Sky, TalkTalk and the others for access to its network and fibre connections to resell, with the wholesale cost of your average superfast 80Mb connection dropping from £9.95 to £5.99. It could at last encourage your dad to upgrade to a part-fibre line. Read More >>

Some Virgin Media Customers Will be Getting BT Sport TV in 4K at the End of This Month

Virgin Media and BT have just signed a new multi-year deal that will make BT Sport TV channels available in 4K to some Virgin customers. The deal is set to kick in on 30th July, at which point Virgin will offer the new 4K content to customers without them having to pay any more money. That's a pretty sweet deal, if you like ultra high definition sport and have the right subscription. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Video Content Now Available Through BT TV

The two streaming video services that don't really need to exist have joined forces to create a more easily not-watched venture, with all the content from Amazon's Prime Video service now available to viewers who do their TVing through a BT TV account. Read More >>