BT Starts Selling G.Fast With a 100Mbps Guarantee

BT is now offering two new types of "ultrafast" broadband to lucky people living within the footprint surrounding profitable exchanges, with BT Ultrafast 1 and 2 now selectable for some customers. Read More >>

Minimum of 10Mbps Broadband to Become a Legal Right by 2020

The government has politely declined BT's offer to implement a voluntary minimum national broadband speed and is going down the regulatory route, promising that "everyone" should have access to a home internet service of at least 10Mbps by the year 2020 as it's to become a legal right. Read More >>

BT and Sky Sign BT Sport/Sky Sports Content Swap Deal

People who actually use BT TV -- instead of just getting angry about how much money the company is investing in it instead of making the internet better -- are in for a treat, as BT and Sky have signed a deal to allow both their sets of subscribers to access previously exclusive content through each others' networks. It's like they're friends now, although Sky's almost certainly only pretending and waiting for BT to give up. Read More >>

BT and Rival ISPs Plot the UK’s FTTP Future

BT's Openreach division has been running an industry consultation with the UK's other large ISPs and communications providers, with the idea being to find out if there's an appetite for switching the country to an FTTP-only fibre network. And of course there is, but it's going to cost and will require government support. Read More >>

BT Chops Line Rental Fees for the Internetless

BT's bizarre old line rental scam is about to get a little bit fairer for some as, under pressure from communications regulator Ofcom, it's agreed to drastically reduce the cost of line rental for a sizeable chunk of its customer base. Read More >>

BT’s Removing Half of the UK’s Remaining Phone Boxes

Phone boxes are pretty archaic in the days of mobile phones, and you can tell by looking at them. While there have been plans to retrofit phone boxes into something more useful, BT has just announced plans to remove half of the UK's remaining phone boxes. Read More >>

Scottish MPs Say BT’s 10Mbs Broadband Offer Only Suits BT

BT's apparently generous offer to put in place a minimum of 10Mbps broadband for the final few per cent of the country is not going down well in the rural parts of Scotland, with local MPs saying it could end up strengthening BT's monopoly and dissuading other firms from competing to install superfast connections. Read More >>

BT Promises 10Mbps for Everyone by… 2021 or 2022

BT and its Openreach division have made a willing promise to the government to offer a 10Mbps connection to 99 per cent of the country, an offer it's made voluntarily in order to fend off potentially being forced into it by Ofcom. Read More >>

The 999 Service is 80 Years Old Today and 35 Per Cent of Modern Calls are Accidents

BT is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the 999 emergency service summoning system today, and is using the occasion to publish a few interesting stats about our most remembered national number. Read More >>

Goodbye Phone Boxes, Hello Wifi Kiosk: Hands-On With BT InLink

What do you do when you own the thousands of spots that used to hold payphones now that nobody needs a phone box to make a call? Read More >>

BT’s Free Superfast 1GBps Phone Pods Switch on Today

BT has activated the first of a miniature fleet of next-gen phone booths in London today, with the ad-supported pod offering free access to 1GBps internet connections. Read More >>

Highest Phone Box Survives BT’s Latest Cull

The highest BT phone box in the UK is to survive for a few more years at least, as the phone network operator has scaled back its plans for a cull of public call boxes. Read More >>

Forced Openreach Price Cuts Could Mean Cheaper Superfast Connections

Communications enforcer Ofcom is asking BT's Openreach division to cut the wholesale prices it charges competitors for superfast connections, which could, if they decide not to keep the savings for themselves, lead to cheaper superfast connections for those using ISPs that rely on reselling BT's service. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Biggest Ever Fine Goes To BT

Ofcom's fining BT a record £42,000,000 for abusing its market power to reduce the amount of compensation it paid other companies. Read More >>

BT And Openreach Are Getting A Divorce

BT's hold over broadband infrastructure org Openreach is finally at an end, with Ofcom winning the drawn-out battle to legally separate the two. Read More >>