Sadistic Workman Creates Unpoppable Bubble Wrap Coasters

What’s the most amazing thing about bubble wrap? Popping it. Oh the delicious sensation. What kind of evil monster would want to eliminate the wonderful pop? Read More >>

Bubble Wrap’s New Design is Unpoppable and it’s All Our Fault

Our ruthless new era of super-efficient global shipping has made it irrelevant. Read More >>

What Harm Could Possibly Befall Someone Wearing a Bubble Wrap Suit?

If bubble wrap is good enough to protect that ceramic frog you bought on eBay as it's shipped from Taiwan, surely a suit made from the same material would give mere mortals invincibility, right? At the least, Vat 19's blazer and trouser two-piece crafted from the bubbly stuff provides a decent buffer from other commuters banging against you on a crowded Tube. Read More >>

The Horrors of Unpoppable Bubble Wrap

There are few things in life more satisfying than the sound bubble wrap popping, the very definition of tension released. It follows, then, that bubble wrap that cannot be popped is the antithesis of satisfaction, a new form of pure tension, forged deep in the belly of Mount Cringe. It's also the perfect way to start the day. Read More >>

Animals Enjoy Popping Bubble Wrap Just Like Humans Do

Few legal substances are as addictive and therapeutic as popping bubble wrap. Humans can lose hours getting the quick fix of popping every last air bubble. It turns out animals, like this raccoon, do the same. Read More >>

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This Bubble Wrap Bike Is the Most Annoying Way to Roll

Wow, you didn't realise there was a way to roll down the street in style like this. THAT SOUND! It's like a big, long continuous fart. This guy is going to make millions. Read More >>

These Incredible Paintings Were Made By Injecting Paint into Bubble Wrap

The only reason why bubble wrap exists is so that people can pop it. That's a universal fact. So colour me surprised when I found out another thing you can do with bubble wrap: make art. Bradley Hart injected bubble wrap with paint to create these wonderful portraits. Read More >>

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Watching 23 Feet Of Bubble Wrap Crushed In a Hydraulic Press Is Incredibly Satisfying

Are you one of the millions who suffer from the addiction of popping bubble wrap? Do you have to ensure that every last pocket of air is destroyed before you can return to your regular routine? Read More >>