The Beauty of Freezing Bubbles Is the Only Good Thing About Nightmarish Winter Temperatures

Did you for some reason think the gruelling endurance march that was 2017 would end without one final ordeal? You fool. Right now people across the Atlantic are enduring record-breaking sub-zero temperatures, with the only silver lining being that it’s cold enough to instantly freeze soap bubbles, which it turns out is shockingly beautiful. Read More >>

The Patterns That Come Out When Bubbles Freeze Are So Cool

My advice in surviving winter? Move somewhere warm. Can’t do that? Then just stay inside for three months. Can’t do that? Then... wait, why can’t you do that? Friend’s birthday? Forget about it. Dinner? Order in. Life? Experience it through videos on the Internet. Like this one by ZALUSKart, where bubbles freeze over and over again and reveal wonderful patterns right before they do. Read More >>

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Putting Dry Ice in Slime Spawns Some Really Weird Bubbles

Crazy Russian Hacker did what we are all thinking and put dry ice in some green slime. Read More >>

Antibubbles are Bubbles’ More Flimsy, Bizarre Cousins

Playing with bubbles never gets old, but did you know that you can fiddle around with another kind of bubble? Just to shake things up. Read More >>

Cleverly Smuggle Booze By Turning it Into Edible Bubbles

At Toy Fair earlier this year we were surprised to discover that edible bubbles were not only a thing, they were also surprisingly tasty. But why stop at flavouring them like sweets? The next time you find yourself headed to a tedious children’s birthday party, you can now whip up a batch of edible boozy bubbles instead—just keep them away from kids. Read More >>

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Mirrored Footage of Giant Soap Bubbles Is Better Than an Acid Trip

The same soap bubbles that fascinated you as a toddler can be just as engaging when you’re all grown up. They just need to be super-sized, filmed in glorious 4K, and then manipulated in post-production with a mirror effect that turns them into undulating alien-like blobs. Read More >>

Savour the Ephemeral Beauty of These Frozen Soap Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is fun in the summer, but it gets really interesting when the mercury plummets in winter. When the temperature gets cold enough, bubbles will freeze faster than they can pop. You can watch freezing bubbles in action in a new video from Warsaw-based photographer Pablo Zaluska. Read More >>

The Spectacular Art of Painting With Soap Bubbles 

If you don't know how they're made, Jiří Georg Dokoupil's paintings might look like microscope photos of phosphorescent deep-sea hydrozoa, or maybe computer-generated cartoon characters. Turns out, they're actually the permanent evidence something way simpler: bubbles. Read More >>

Five Scientific Steps to Pouring the Perfect Beer at Home

Pouring beer at home can be hit and miss: too much foam, not enough, and never ever the same as in a bar, that's for sure. But help is at hand, in the form of beer science. Read More >>

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Watch Soap Bubbles Destroyed by Frigid Winter Cold

I guess this makes sense when you think about it, but I never thought about it. Soap bubbles don't stand a chance when it's below-freezing out, as YouTube's NightHawkInLight elegantly shows us. Read More >>

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Watch These Giant Bubbles Exploding in Slow Motion

There are few better sentences than one that includes the words "giant", "bubbles", "exploding" and "slow motion". Well, there's one thing better: a video that fits that sentence. Read More >>

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Exploding Giant Bubbles Will Never Get Old

Though we can never be in awe of bubbles like we once were, we can still have fun with them. Lots of fun! And the easiest way to have more fun with bubbles is to go bigger and add in slow motion to capture the exploding bubbles. When you see these giant bubbles get popped in the park, they disappear instantaneously. When you see it in slow motion from Shanks FX, you see the water fireworks that follows the sphere-ish liquid amoeba. Read More >>

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Parabolic Soap Bubbles Are All About Math…And Bubbles!

Childhood summers are all about blowing iridescent soap bubbles out of plastic wands. It seems like a short-lived activity, but somehow it provides endless fascination. Involving an Arduino and some stepper motors might seem like overkill, but these parabolic bubbles are pretty mesmerising. Read More >>

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Start Your Day Right With a Daft Punk Laser Bubble Rave

Lasers, bubbles, edge-tracking, and Daft Punk are all pretty awesome in their own separate ways, but put together, they can put one one hell of a useless, random, but awesome show. Read More >>

The Science of Beer Bubbles

Booze is prime territory for the appliance of science. But while we normally use biology to explain bad hangovers or chemistry to create new cocktails, there's plenty of science lurking within your humble glass of beer, too. Read More >>