New Research Could Be First Step Toward Buckyball-Powered Quantum Computers

Scientists have characterised the quantum behavior of buckminsterfullerene molecules, also known as buckyballs, with the hope of perhaps one day turning them into miniature quantum computers. Read More >>

How a Radical 1960s Architect Inspired NASA’s Next Great Space Robot 

NASA’s bizarre Super Ball Bot is unlike any robot ever built. It uses a net of wires and rods to move, and could someday explore harsh exoplanets. It also has an unlikely heritage: The strange creation was inspired by the ideas of a visionary from the 1960s, building floating cities based on the same concept. Read More >>

Six Brilliant Ideas That Tackle the Toughest Environmental Problems

Buckminster Fuller was a designer, futurist, and humanitarian. Each year, the Buckminster Fuller Institute honours the visionary's legacy with a competition showcasing ingenious solutions for global problems. Read More >>

This Amazing Geodesic Dome Houses a Danish Political Throwdown

Every year, 10,000 Danes come together for the Folkemødet, a celebrated "political festival" of spirited policy debate, which all sounds extremely Danish. This summer, they'll be doing so in an incredible space: a beautiful, wood-and-steel geodesic dome. Read More >>

Long-Lost WWII Shelters Rediscovered In New Jersey

For decades, historians have assumed that Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Deployment Units—emergency shelters developed during WWII—were lost forever. But 12 shelters have recently resurfaced after being abandoned on an army base just 30 miles outside of NYC. Read More >>