Inside an Abandoned Soviet Textile Factory

There’s always a special thrill in visiting silent and deteriorating industrial places where decades ago hundreds of men and women worked amid loud machines. And a special thrill it was indeed taking these photos in the abandoned power plant building of a long gone fabric factory. Read More >>

Inside the Caves that Held a Secret Aircraft Factory During World War II

In 1944 and 1945, the Allies were attacking the last supporter of Nazi Germany. Tens of thousands of tons of bombs were dropped on Hungarian ground targets, mostly by the Consolidated B-24 Liberator and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers of the 15th Air Force. Read More >>

Protests Against Internet Tax in Hungary Continue – Larger Than Ever

Tens of thousands of peaceful Hungarians marched again in the streets and on the bridges of Budapest on Tuesday, continuing the demonstration against the proposed internet tax. Read More >>

The New Budapest Metro Line is an Awesome Psychedelic Trip

>After ten years of extremely expensive, slow, and politically messed up construction work–it is a long and sad story of government corruption and incompetence–Budapest, the Hungarian capital, got its fourth metro line today. Despite its ill-fated genesis and controversial usefulness, the Metro 4 is an amazing engineering, architectural, and artistic achievement, a mix of stunning concrete structures and trippy ornamentation. It looks stunning. Read More >>

Inside the Ghostly Remains of Budapest’s Condemned Amusement Park

After several years of financial difficulties, the Amusement Park of Budapest, the largest amusement park in Hungary, was closed on 30 September, 2013. Today I had a chance to take a walk among its remains. Read More >>

Inside Budapest’s Forgotten Temple of Sewage

Here at Gizmodo, we're obsessed with beautiful old factories, captivating control rooms and fascinating scientific machinery. A few weeks ago, I showed you the 99-year-old Kelenföld Power Plant, one of most beautiful industrial places on earth. This time, I'd like to show you another industrial pearl—in a rather hideous place. Read More >>

A Rare Glimpse Inside a Magnificent, Abandoned Shrine to Electricity

At the dawn of the electrical age, power plants were more than just utilitarian buildings. They were grand, soaring temples to a near-magical substance that was changing the world. Most of these buildings are now abandoned or demolished. But I recently visited one of the few that remain: the 99-year-old Kelenföld Power Plant, one of most ethereal and electrifyingly beautiful places on earth. Read More >>