Nokia 7.1 Review: Solid Budget Simplicity

Earlier this year, Huawei passed Apple to become the second largest smartphone maker in the world. That marks a big shift in the handset power rankings, but there’s one phone company that’s arguably made even bigger strides, and unlike Huawei, it’s a company you’ve almost certainly heard of before: Nokia. Read More >>

The Nokia 7.1 Is a £300 Budget Phone You Might Actually Want

No, this isn’t the wild bug-eyed Nokia phone with five rear cameras we’ve been hoping to see, but it’s something arguably just as important. That’s because the new Nokia 7.1 is simply a well-built phone with solid specs for a very reasonable price. Read More >>

The Nokia Name Lives On (in an £18 Burner Phone)

For a while there it seemed you'd never see the Nokia name grace a phone ever again, what with the Microsoft buyout that saw the Windows company slapping its own logo onto the back of Lumia devices. But the Finnish company's name lives on in the super-low-cost budget end of the market, with the Nokia 215 launched today. Read More >>