Nokia 7.1 Review: Solid Budget Simplicity

Earlier this year, Huawei passed Apple to become the second largest smartphone maker in the world. That marks a big shift in the handset power rankings, but there’s one phone company that’s arguably made even bigger strides, and unlike Huawei, it’s a company you’ve almost certainly heard of before: Nokia. Read More >>

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CES 2018: This Super-Tall Phone Will Be Super Cheap

The biggest trend among smartphones in 2017 was extra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio displays. Samsung and LG got things started back in the spring, and even Apple hopped on the trend earlier this fall with the iPhone X. But if you’re looking for budget handsets with one of those super-tall screens, the best you can do right now is the Honor 7X at £250. At least until Alcatel got in the mix. Read More >>

Congress Just Ordered NASA to Get Crackin’ on Mars and a Tonne of Other Things

Both the US Senate and the House of Representatives have approved a bill that will send $19.508 billion NASA and sets some very ambitious directives. All that’s standing between the space agency and getting to work is a presidential sign off. Read More >>

Budget 2017: Uber & Deliveroo Drivers Get A Tax Hike, Their Employers Still Get A Tax Cut

The Chancellor, Phillip Hammond has today announced a hike in National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for self-employed people - something that will hit people who work in the "gig economy" the hardest. This means that people who work for companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Task Rabbit and Gett, as well as some delivery companies like Amazon and Yodel, could be hit hardest by the changes. Even worse - as we admit we might be a little biased here - freelance journalists will also be affected. Read More >>

Ryanair Tweaks Fleet to Fit in More People and Increase Legroom

Ryanair has placed a huge $22bn (£13.6bn) order for a fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 200 aeroplanes, which it'll be filling with a potential 197 passengers. A reorganisation of the insides should allow it to fit more people inside and slightly improve knee clearance for lanky travellers. Read More >>

Russia’s World Cup is Already Outrageously Expensive

Maybe you're still mourning Brazil's catastrophic loss in the World Cup, but the rest of the world has moved on to discussing the impact of the next series, which will take place in 11 Russian cities in 2018. And according to their reports, it's going to be very, very expensive. Like £6,700 per seat expensive. Read More >>

​Moto G Review: The Best Cheap Phone, But Still a Cheap Phone

Cheap smartphones—we mean really cheap, off-contract smartphones—are terrible. They're tormented by horrid, pixilated screens, they're slower than your gran, and they feel like they're held together by Sellotape. The Moto G is none of those things. It definitely has significant shortcomings, but put simply, you can't get a better cheap phone. Read More >>

Would You Buy a No-Name Phone, Even If the Specs Were Amazing?

Budget hardware specialist Kogan has just announced a new 5-inch quad-core mobile, which it's somehow managing to sell for just £149 in the UK. But is a phone from a relatively unknown brand something you'd consider, even if it's a solid performer? Read More >>

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If the Budget iPhone is Real, This is Probably What It’ll Look Like

Taking into account supposedly leaked parts of the much-rumoured budget iPhone, this is apparently what one would look like. You know, if it's real and all. What do you think? Read More >>

What Does the 2013 Budget Mean for Tech, Science and Booze?

Blah blah deficit debt cuts reform monetary policy gah. Words. Very important words though -- our new Twitter-friend George's budget determines what the government spends and where for the next year. That has a huge impact on technology, science, and almost everything we care about. Read More >>

Ideas For Saving the Economy: GET ON TWITTER

If you see George Osborne pausing, repeatedly reaching for his phone and going quiet for 30 seconds during today's budget, it'll be because he's joined the modern world and is live-tweeting the event himself on his new Twitter account. Read More >>

Binge Drinking on the Cards This Week as “Beer Tax” Set to Rise

Controversial plans to continue hiking the taxes we pay on beer are likely to stay in place, with the government set to continue the inflation plus two per cent annual duty rise suffered by beer drinkers in this week's budget. Expect to see men "filling their tanks" at pubs across the country on Wednesday night. Read More >>

Your Cheap Booze Is Safe, as Cameron Pulls U-Turn On Minimum Alcohol Pricing

David Cameron's pulled a u-turn, which effectively means the cabinet's plans for a minimum price on alcohol has been scrapped. It should mean that you can still buy dirt-cheap cider and horrendous vodka, because that's what everyone wants, right? Read More >>

£60 Super-Cheap Nexus Tablet is a Joke, Surely?

Rumours have once again surfaced regarding a possible super-budget Nexus tablet, with the usual supply chain sources claiming a simplified, low-spec Nexus tab could arrive in Q4 of 2012 for $99, or around £60. Read More >>

How Budgeting Your Gadget Purchases Could Blow Your Budget

We all know what it's like: you decide you finally need to get a new computer, TV or camera. The first thing you do is work out how much you can spend, then start looking for the best products in your price range. Big mistake, because budgeting like that will likely cause you to spend more. Here's how to wise up. Read More >>