Government Suggests 20 Per Cent Discount on New Builds for Locals

The posho junta currently in charge of the UK is thinking of ways to enliven the housing market so that the buildings are not all owned by old people, and has suggested a scheme where new build developments may be obliged to sell a proportion of their homes to locals at a discount of perhaps as much as 20 per cent. Read More >>

Ikea Wins Permission to Build 162 Flats on the South Coast

Ikea and partner Skanska have won approval to build 162 new flats in Worthing, with the local council granting permission for the pair's BoKlok joint venture to go ahead and unpack the massive cardboard boxes and begin construction. Read More >>

Bus Tours of Roadworks and Building Sites Offered to Make People Want to be Builders

Do you think you have what it takes to engage in banter on a building site? If so, you might be interested in a promotion the government is running at the moment, where members of the public can tour building sites and infrastructure projects to get some sort of idea of what the work entails. Read More >>

Builders Promise No More Toolbelt Honeys at Tradeshows

The operators of the UK Construction Week trade event have been rudely snapped into the reality of 2018, and, in an attempt to stop it all kicking off at this year's event, have assembled a code of conduct for exhibitors that explicitly warns against bunging loads of models into bikinis and having them parade around holding power tools incorrectly and unsafely for the amusement of trade attendees. Read More >>

The 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlist Includes A Wicker House And A Naked Man On A Donkey

The 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist has some interesting stuff on it, including a block of flats that seems to be made out of baskets, and an underground bunker that almost certainly isn't designed for avoiding the end of the world. Read More >>

Here’s How London’s Skyline Could Look if 250 Planned Skyscrapers Go Ahead

Analysis of over 250 new London building projects that are either underway or at planning official wining and dining stage has given us a glimpse at the city's possible future skyline, with CG models of planned skyscrapers added to the skyline so we can get an idea of how busy the skies may be one day. Read More >>

We Finally Understand How Concrete Behaves at a Microscopic Level

In modern cities, there’s concrete at every turn. So it might surprise you to hear that, until now at least, we haven’t really understood how it works at the microscopic level—despite the fact we trust it to build huge structures. Read More >>

City of London’s Tallest Building Will Be a Simple Work of Engineering

Architect Eric Parry has unveiled his plans for what will be the tallest building in the City of London. Measuring a height of 309.6 metres, it stands just 60 centimetres taller than the Shard. The proposed building is a surprisingly simple structure, which wears its engineering design on its sleeve. Read More >>

This Building’s Swooping Curves Were Fabricated By Robot

An architecture firm called Studio RAP has built what it claims is the“first robotically fabricated building in the Netherlands,” using automated milling techniques to craft a unique, swooping structure. Read More >>

This is How Foster + Partners Want to 3D-Print a Martian Settlement

The acclaimed architecture firm Foster + Partners has unveiled a series of images that depict plans for a 3D-printed settlement that could be built on Mars. Read More >>

watch this
I Built My First Computer in Four Hours, Watch it in Three Minutes

Last week, I helped Chris Davidson of Game Chops build a new PC. Neither of us had built a computer before, so we streamed the process on Twitch TV to elicit the collective wisdom of the internet. Because, who needs manuals? (In retrospect, instructions might have helped speed things along a bit.) Read More >>

This Lego Case Holds a Fully Customisable Computer

Lego has been experiencing something of a renaissance lately. With adults now using their childhood building bricks in more creative ways than ever, it was only a matter of time before somebody decided to bring a portable, customisable, Lego-based desktop computer into the world. Read More >>

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A Room-Sized 3D Printer Will Make Freeform Concrete Design Easy

Concrete is an amazing building material: cheap to create, strong when used correctly, and hard-wearing, too. But turning it into exotic and shapely forms can be prohibitively complex and expensive. Now, a 3D printer capable of producing one-off moulds as large as a phone booth could help turn architectural dreams into affordable reality. Read More >>

This is the Largest Stone Block Ever Carved by Human Hands

This may look like a modern civil engineering marvel—but in fact you're looking at the largest known stone block to be tirelessly carved by ancient human hands. Read More >>

These New Smart Bricks are Like Lego for Real Buildings

If these lumps of concrete look familiar, that's because they take some of their inspiration from Lego. But there's more to them than child's play. Read More >>