Chunky Old Nokia 301 Allegedly Takes a Bullet to Save a Man’s Life

No one's laughing at the ageing Nokia 301 owned by a man in Afghanistan any more, as the heavyweight not particularly smart phone appears to have stopped a bullet in its tracks and saved its owner from serious damage. Read More >>

Bullets That Slowly Self-Destruct Make a Surprising Amount of Sense

A self-destructing bullet isn’t the most intuitive thing: normally, you use projectiles to destroy targets, not the other way around. But people make mistakes, bullets can travel for miles, and civilian casualties (or friendly fire!) are sad realities. Read More >>

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Watch a Gel Dummy Get Blown to Pieces by an Automatic Pistol

Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. That’s what it looks like from afar when a fully automatic glock starts shooting its bullets at a ballistic gel dummy. Read More >>

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Destroying 2000 Bullets is Like Popping the World’s Most Explosive Popcorn

Destroy all the bullets. But since that's impossible, destroy some bullets. Like these 2000 bullets that are probably passed their lifetime! Turns out, bullets make for some crazy works of fire. It’s basically explosive popcorn. Read More >>

DARPA’s Steerable Bullets Can be Used to Hit Moving Targets

Ever since mankind invented the projectile weapon, we've wanted a way to stay in control after it's been fired. Obviously that's never happened, leading to plenty of wasted effort from a soldier's point of view. Those situations may not be the norm for long, thanks to DARPA's steerable bullet. Read More >>

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Exploding Slingshot Ammo is a Banger of a Good Time

Slingshot-whisperer Joerg Sprave has proven time and again that the rubber band weapons are awesome, but the one thing they've always been missing was a nice, satisfying bang. Until now. Read More >>

Self-Guided Bullets That Change Course Midair are Now Terrifyingly Real

The military masterminds at DARPA have just changed everything you think you know about bullets. Meet the Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, or EXACTO, a .50 calibre bullet that manoeuvres itself midair to stay locked on target. Here's footage of the first live test: it sure as hell looks like the technology works. Read More >>

This Simple Invention Seals Gunshot Wounds in 15 Seconds Flat

To stop bleeding, apply pressure—with tiny sponges. A group of veterans, scientists, and engineers in Oregon have a developed a device that uses small medical sponges to stop bleeding from gunshot wounds in just 15 seconds. Read More >>

Cross-Section Bullets Are Beautiful for Something That Could Kill You

When it isn't being fired at or around you, ammunition can be kind of beautiful. We've already seen the striking beauty of exploding bullets trapped in plexiglass, but photographer Sabine Pearlman found a different, but equally awesome bullet-photography approach: cutting them in half. Read More >>

Exploding Bullets Frozen In Plexiglass Are Terrifyingly Beautiful

Just because a piece of glass might claim to be "bulletproof" doesn't necessarily mean that it's actually, well, bulletproof. But if your bullet-resistant glass is sturdy enough, that speeding bullet will usually just end up lodged in layers of polycarbonate. That's what intrigues photographer Deborah Bay. Read More >>

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Forget 3D-Printed Guns; Here Are Some 3D-Printed Shotgun Slugs

The fact that we can 3D-print guns, each scarier than the last, is unsettling enough. But why would we stop at weapon itself? Why not 3D-printed ammo? Like, say, these devastating shotgun slugs, fresh from a Solidoodle 3 printer. Read More >>

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So It’s Come To This: Bulletproof School Uniforms

Tragedies like the events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School have certainly given parents reasons to worry about their children's safety. But is this really necessary? A Colombian company claims to have created a line of kid's clothing and school uniforms made from the same fabrics and technology found in bulletproof vests. Read More >>

How Was This Four-Barrel Underwater Dart Gun From Russia Never Used In a Bond film?

We were once impressed by a triple barrel revolver. Now, it turns out Russia had secretly developed this four-barrel underwater gun over thirty years ago. Read More >>

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Watch This: Grandma Blows Bullets Clear Through MacBook and iPhones

This completely ridiculous video of an elderly lady shooting a loaded rifle at a hoard of pristine Apple gadgets will make you feel many emotions: confused, horrified, skeptical, surprised, amused, etc. Read More >>