Google Top Stories Serves Breitbart Bullshit on Climate Science

Coral reef experts and climate scientists agree that due to rising temperatures, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is pretty much fucked. But when you search Google for “Great Barrier Reef,” that’s not all that you’ll find. Instead, at the very top of the page in the Top Stories module, you’ll see a Breitbart article dismissing the damage done to the famed coral reef that sounds like it was written by a student who hasn’t slept in 72 hours. Read More >>

Facebook Pulls Major Boner, Marks InfoWars Articles as ‘Spam’ Instead of ‘Bullshit’

Facebook is embroiled in another embarrassing scandal. It appears that some users who post InfoWars articles to the social networking site are noticing that it’s being marked as “spam.” As everyone knows, content from InfoWars isn’t “spam,” it’s “bullshit.” Read More >>

Serious Academics Are Full of Shit

Last week, a Serious Academic™ exhausted hundreds of words denouncing the use of social media by his colleagues while insinuating that selfie culture poses an existential threat to academic life. The social media backlash from other serious academics was swift and on point, reminding us that many scientists are voluntary participants in the broader experiment of human society. Read More >>

7 Bullshit Cures For Zika That Are Spreading Online

The Zika virus has officially spread to over 50 countries, including the United States. And like public health threats of the past, there are plenty of hucksters trying to sell “natural” remedies for Zika online. But they’re all bullshit. Read More >>

Idiot Who Says Zika Is a Conspiracy Still Wants People to Buy His Bug Spray

Websites like Natural News accuse the US Centers for Disease Control of orchestrating a global conspiracy around the Zika virus. Specifically, they claim that the illnesses and birth defects that people are seeing have nothing to do with the virus, but instead have something to do with “chemicals” and vaccines. But Natural News still wants people to buy their bug repellent. Read More >>

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An A-to-Z Guide to Bullshit Alternative Medicine on YouTube

There’s a weird mark on your face. It wasn’t there last week, and it’s spreading at an alarming rate. Your local GP is a quack, so you search the internet for help, and before you know it, you’re dropping £10,000 to “reprogram your DNA.” Read More >>

Lumosity Has to Pay £1.36 Million for Lying About Its Bullshit Brain Games 

Lumosity, which created a brain game powerhouse by telling people it could make them smarter, is paying for its lies. Lumos Labs will pay the US Federal Trade Commission $2 million/£1.36 million for deceptive trade practices. Read More >>

Deepak Chopra Tweets are Indistinguishable From Bullshit, Says Study

Deepak Chopra is known around the world for spouting pseudo-science wrapped up in spiritual feel-goodery. A new paper in the journal Judgment and Decision Making even uses Chopra’s tweets to show how some people have trouble distinguishing profound statements from bullshit. Read More >>

Over 120 Science Journal Papers Pulled for Being Total Gibberish

If you ever find yourself scratching your head over the complicated articles in science and maths journals, don't feel too bad about yourself. Because there's a pretty decent chance that whatever you're attempting to read is actually 100 per cent, Grade A, peer reviewed bullshit. Seriously. Read More >>