Instagram Now Preemptively Shames People Before They Post Shitty Comments

Instagram is trying to make that much harder to be an arsehole on its platform – and even get arseholes to consider the error of their ways. Read More >>

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Giant Aubergine Jeremy Hunt Wants Tech Firms to Ban Teenage Sexting

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has called on tech firms, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, to ban under-18s from texting each other raunchy images and racy messages. Read More >>

Twitter is a Troubled 10-Year-Old That’ll Forever be Tainted

Ten years ago today, a brand new social network exploded into the public’s consciousness, attracting as much attention for its slick look and feel as it did utter confusion for what it was actually meant to be used for. Though the service was founded in March of 2006, it wasn't until this date in July of that year that it was properly launched. Read More >>

Reddit Steps Up Troll Busting Measures With New Blocking Tool

While many would argue that it’s all part of the fun, Reddit has introduced a new tool for blocking trolls who seemingly have nothing better to do with their lives than offend and harass fellow internet geeks. Come on guys, we need to stick together. The site now lets you block other users’ content, without informing them that they’ve been gagged. Previously, you could only have this level of control over private messages. Read More >>

Twitter’s Created a New Anti-Troll Squad to Iron Out Online Bullying

The Internet has a big, long-standing problem with trolls, and Twitter, as a platform that invites opinions and debate from people all over the globe, is finding it particularly hard to ensure people play fair. With today being Safer Internet Day, the micro-blogging site has announced the formation of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council, a sort of neighbourhood watch for cyberspace. Read More >>

Police Getting App Lessons to Help Battle Online Bullying Complaints

Some poor 53-year-old cop is currently being shown how Snapchat works by someone half his age, as part of an effort to train up our police to better cope with the online harassment that now takes up so much of their time. Read More >>

“At Least Half” of Police Time Used on Social Media Complaints

The efforts of front-line police to control the masses is moving online, with one police chief suggesting that the majority of police time is now being spent dealing with internet abuse. Read More >>

Insurance Against Bullying Now Sold in South Korea

Burglary, medical expenses and name calling -- all three are things that you can now be insured for in South Korea, following the launch of an unusual new scheme in the nation. Read More >>

Police Bust 12-Year-Old for Timeless Elastic Band Assault

A boy who accidentally pinged an elastic coat toggle into the face of another child had the shock of his life when police turned up on his doorstep, accusing the poor kid of bullying. Read More >>

Why Facebook Is Turning Purple Today

If you see a lot of purple on Facebook tomorrow, don't worry, it's not because Facebook got hacked by Barneynonymous. Instead, Facebook and sites like Yahoo and Tumblr are turning purple tomorrow to take a stand against bullying. Read More >>

How To Defeat Your Enemies on the Internet

The internet began as a pure place, free of malice and bad manners. Today, rudeness and horror abound. Read More >>

Cyberbullying Focus In Northern Ireland Kicks Off Anti-Bullying Week

It's anti-bullying week this week in the UK and schools across Northern Ireland have set about tackling the impact of cyberbullying. 650 schools are taking part in the cyber-focus, with between 15-17 per cent of 10-13 year olds affected by the digital bullying. Read More >>