Bumblebee Includes Cybertron, Optimus Prime, and Some Decepticon Surprises

New footage from Bumblebee revealed at Comic-Con showed us more about why the Transformer is on Earth, what he’s doing in the 1980s, who he’ll be fighting in his solo spin-off movie, and lots, lots more. Unfortunately, it appears the video is solely for Comic-Con attendee, but we can tell you everything we saw. Read More >>

Transforming Dino-Cassettes Join a Retro ’80s Bumblebee For This Comic-Con Exclusive

It’s hard to lament Comic-Con’s lack of focus on actual comic books when the convention also brings us some of the best and exclusive collectible toys of the year. In addition to new figures of Star Wars’ latest heroes, Hasbro will be tapping Transformers fans’ wallets with a new Bumblebee set featuring a retro gold Camaro and a pair of rare dinosaur cassette bots. Read More >>

The First Bumblebee Trailer Is a Heartfelt Blast From the Past

The first trailer for the Bumblebee movie is finally here and against all odds, it actually looks rather charming for a Transformers film about a robot that can’t really speak. Read More >>

Bumblebees Collide With Objects More Often Than You Think

This bee looks so shocked to be in this predicament. “How could I not see this pole?” it asks. “This was a huge mistake.” Read More >>

“Sexy” Transformers Costumes are Neither Big Nor Clever

There are certain words that just shouldn't go together; words that are so diametrically opposed that a chill can run down the spine on hearing them. In this case I present the phrase "Sexy Transformers Costume". Read More >>