Today Marks the Beginning of the End for Your Xbox 360 and PS3

There comes a time in every console cycle when even the most loyal of gamers has to start thinking about palliative care for their most-loved machines. For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners, today is that day. Read More >>

Bungie Turns Destiny Locations into Google Street View Maps

Developer Bungie has launched a staggeringly clever little promotion for its online shooter Destiny, turning some of the game's location planets into Street View style fully interactive maps that use Google's familiar imaging tools. Read More >>

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Live-Action Destiny Trailer Shows Boss Fight and a Real Human Man

Halo-maker Bungie has released a bizarre new trailer for its forthcoming open-world shooter Destiny, which combines a live-action narration with your usual generic space marine action. Read More >>

Free Bungie Game Released for Mac (Don’t Get Too Excited)

An indie coder has rebuilt the Halo developer's first commercial release, which is now available to download on the Mac App Store for free. But Halo it most certainly isn't. Read More >>

Halo Maker Bungie Reveals its Destiny

There's a mysterious round object. Some aliens. And you with a gun. It can only be the official reveal of Destiny, the long-rumoured new project from Halo creator Bungie. Read More >>

Halo Developer’s Next Game Reveal Coincides With Sony’s PS4 Event…

Bungie, the Halo creator and developer that's now a freelance gun in the employ of mega-publisher Activision, is teasing a new product. It'll be the Destiny game that's been leaked endlessly over recent months. Only... the teaser coincides with Sony's supposed PS4 launch date of February 20th. Read More >>

Forget Halo 4, This Is What Bungie’s Working on Now

Original Halo developer Bungie may have stepped away from the Xbox shooter franchise, but there's still plenty to get excited about whenever its designers put digital pen to digital paper. This is Destiny, Bungie's new title and an attempt at making a game universe as big and diverse as that of Star Wars. Read More >>

Sir Paul McCartney + Bungie = ???

No, I'm afraid it's not quite Sir Paul on a bungee cord jumping off some kind of high-up structure, but something else quite cool related to the other phonetically identical word -- mega-games studio Bungie. According to the past-Beatles members' Twitter, he's lending his talents to the creators of Halo, but what exactly is he working on? Read More >>

Activision/Bungie Contract Says “2013” for Xbox 720, New Four-Game Franchise Coming

The detailed contracted between publisher Activision and Halo developer Bungie has been made public, revealing plans for a mammoth new franchise from the shooter specialist and a launch date for Microsoft's next Xbox hardware. Read More >>