Clapham Common’s WWII Shelter is Being Turned Into a Café and Exhibition Hall

A World War II shelter on Clapham Common will be transformed into a tourist attraction next year, with TfL set to convert the underground bunker into an exhibition space, and its surface building into a -- presumably heavily-overpriced -- café. Read More >>

You Can Buy a Nuclear Bunker With its Own Hospital and BBC Studio

Nuclear bunkers have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but that doesn't mean you can't transform one into a delightful bed and breakfast. This bunker in Perthshire, Scotland, is currently up for sale and even includes a fascinating history: it's situated on a former POW camp. Read More >>

This Abandoned Nazi Bunker Just Reopened as a Clean Energy Plant

The last time Hamburg's hulking air raid bunker saw use, it was 1945 and locals were taking cover from Allied bombs inside its six-foot-thick concrete walls. That was almost 70 years ago. This year, the bunker is serving a new purpose: supplying the city with renewable energy. Read More >>

This Soviet Bunker Looks Like a Buried Alien Spaceship… with a Strip Club

Back in 1951, the Soviet Union started the construction of the Tangansky Protected Command Point, a secret 75,000-square-foot (7,000 square metres) military complex located 213 foot (65 meters) under Moscow's streets, near the Taganskaya subway station. Read More >>