Two Storey Subterranean Cold War Super Basement For Sale

A fantastic underground survivalist retreat is up for sale, should you think it prudent to see out the end of 2017 in a nuclear bomb-proof facility in Scotland. Read More >>

The Forgotten Plan to Save Great Art From World War III

A secret treasure trove below a memorial in Washington DC. A retrofitted quarry in Wales. A frozen bunker in Svalbard. Our governments have gone to great lengths to protect precious objects from ruin, and a new trove of declassified documents shine light on a new, little-known project to do just that during the Cold War. Read More >>

Explore an 80-Room Nazi Bunker Converted Into a Home and Gallery

It takes a very specific kind of sensibility to live in the ruins of monstrous regime, but art collectors Karen and Christian Boros have it. The couple and their kids live in a bunker with six-foot-thick concrete walls, originally built to hold 3,000 people during air raids in Berlin, in 1942. Read More >>

Inside London’s World War II Bunker Turned Massive Underground Farm

Last week, we wrote about a project in London that sounds straight up apocalyptic: A massive underground farm inside a 60-year-old bunker, originally built to protect Londoners from Nazi bombs. Now, we have video—and it's every bit as spooky as you'd think. Read More >>

Drug Dealers Turn Old Nuclear Bunker into Massive Cannabis Factory

Around 400 cannabis plants with a possible street value of around £650,000 were pulled out of tunnels beneath Kidderminster, after local drug growers broke into an abandoned nuclear bunker and installed their own hydroponic equipment to grow dope. Read More >>