Burberry Burns its Stupid Posh Coats so They Don’t End Up in Primark

New bonkers tales of waste within the fashion industry have emerged today, with analysis of stripy-thing maker Burberry's accounts showing that it torched around £28m worth of goods over the last year, in order to get slightly old and off-trend material out of the supply chain so it can sell marginally different variants of its coats to people who probably already have a perfectly decent coat. Read More >>

Burberry First Brand to Beat its Drum With an Apple Music Channel

Three months after launching its Apple Music streaming service, Apple has announced that it is teaming up with British luxury fashion brand Burberry, which becomes the first name to get its own "Curators" channel on Apple's fledgling musical venture. Read More >>

The Burberry Boss That Saved the Brand From the Chavs Has Joined Apple

There was a time, not that long ago, when fashion powerhouse Burberry wasn't making as many waves on the catwalk as it was in Britain's council estates. The "chav" brand of choice at the turn of the millenium, it took a decade of savvy marketing to turn the brand around, under the leadership of Angela Ahrendts. And now, announced this morning, Ahrendts has joined Apple. Read More >>

Some Really Awesome Uses of Facebook Timeline

During this weekend's Facebook sesh, you may notice that any brands you've "liked" over there are suddenly using Timeline. That's because Zuckerberg's forced any non-personal page to spend hours beautifying it, or in the following brands' cases, actual days and weeks adding all manner of glorious history to their timelines. Some, like Arsenal Football Club; DJ Shadow and Cadbury's, have gone above and beyond. Here are the best: Read More >>