McDonalds and Burger King’s Kids Meal Toys Come Under Fire Because of Yet Another Petition

Supermarkets and fast food chains may be focusing their efforts on cutting down on packaging that the vast majority of their foodstuffs are wrapped in, but two kids want to refocus that energy on free plastic toys. Read More >>

Burger King is Doing Free Whoppers Today

Burger King would like to remind us – somewhat forcefully – that it's the 'home of the Whopper.' Read More >>

Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With Its Own Range of Big Macs

Remember how the EU recently took away McDonalds' trademark to the term 'Big Mac' after a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's challenged an over-reaching lawsuit from the Golden Arches? Read More >>

What’s The Grossest Fast Food Chain?

This article was originally posted on 30th October 2017, but in the light of the "KFC Crisis" we thought you might like to be reminded about what substitute fast food eateries to avoid. Spoiler: pretty much all other fried chicken shops. Sorry. Read More >>

Burger King’s Dystopian New Ad Campaign Is Already a Cyanide and Toenail Clippings Disaster

Just hours after launching, Burger King’s new smart home ad campaign is already crashing like the goddamn Hindenburg. On Wednesday, the company released a weirdly intrusive 15-second spot designed to intentionally trigger viewers’ Google Home devices. In theory, the devices would then read back a list of the Whopper’s ingredients from Wikipedia. Anonymous online vandals, however, had other ideas. Read More >>

Swap Ironic Knitwear for Hot Burgers This Christmas

Burger King UK has a short memory and thinks people might be up for eating more processed meats on Boxing Day, as that's when it's running the #WhopperExchange scheme -- a promotion that lets punters swap unwanted Christmas presents for one of its burgers. Read More >>

Beverage-Dispensing Burger King Vending Machine Is a Lego Masterpiece

If YouTube’s AstonishingStudios was ever able to convince Lego to turn all of its creations into real sets, we’d never have to leave our desks to get breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their latest creation is a Burger King vending machine that serves up chips, Whoppers, and even dispenses Coca-Cola. Read More >>

Burger King Has Made a Perfume for Carnivorous Casanovas

While the fatty, salty smell of a fast-food burger joint may arouse your taste buds, could it inspire sexy results if turned into a perfume or aftershave? Read More >>

Save Yourselves: Burger King Now Delivers in the UK

Stuck for tonight's dinner? If you've won the fast-food postcode lottery, Burger King's got you sorted -- it's announced that it will now be taking delivery orders in certain regions across the UK. Read More >>

Burgers for Breakfast as Burger King US Changes its Stance on Morning Meals

The 10am tyranny of Burger King's breakfast menu is about to come to an end, with the US arm of the fast-food chain revealing that it will be selling burgers first-thing in the morning, as soon as its stores open. "Wake up to a Whopper" -- Burger King, you can have that tagline on me. Read More >>

Burger King’s Hands-Free Whopper Holder Upends Fast Food (and Sloth)

McDonald's struck first with its dedicated french fry holders, but Burger King's new Hands Free Whopper Holder has dramatically raised the bar when it comes to making fast food even more convenient. At this rate of innovation, in a few years we won't even have to chew our combo meals anymore. Read More >>

Exclusive: The Burger King and Jeep Hacker Is Probably This DJ From New England

It was just going to be another boring day on the Internet, when along came a spastic, hilarious hacker with a taste for McDonald's, Gucci Mane, and caps lock. Is a criminal mastermind behind the @BurgerKing (and likely @Jeep) takeover? Nope—just a guy who plays shows in Rhode Island who left an unfortunate Internet paper trail. Read More >>

Burger King Twitter Hacked

Most Twitter hackers go after heads of states or companies to stir up some humiliation. But today's target is Burger King, which has been transformed into a combination fo McDonald's and amphetamine addict. Enjoy it while it lasts. Read More >>

Burger King Apologises After Horse DNA Found in Supplier Factory

Horse meat-gate very nearly hit one of the big burger chains, with high street meat shop Burger King admitting to finding horse DNA in burgers at one of its suppliers. It has apologised, saying none of the dodgy meat actually made it into customers' gobs. Read More >>

Burger King Introduces the BACON PUDDING

It is hard to believe this exists, but then again this has come from America, home of the idiot food. It is Burger King's latest innovation in the land of the bulging elasticated waistband, a pudding with bacon in it. Read More >>