Rutland Projects Massive Yellow ‘M’ in Skies Over Oakham

Rutland is losing its unique heritage status as the only UK county not to house a branch of invasive eatery McDonald's, as the battery of local complaints has been ignored by councillors who have granted permission for the edge-of-town drive-through. Read More >>

Newsagent Food of Last Resort Goes Vegetarian Too

The emergency food of young people with strong constitutions, bulletproof metabolisms and zero sense of shame is going vegetarian too, as pre-packaged burger specialist Rustlers is about to launch a meat-free choice for the casual eaters and microwave-owners of the nation who buy food and vaping fluids from the same outlet. Read More >>

Quorn Joins the Beetroot Blood Burger Trend

The people at Quorn, who must be a bit pissed off that meat alternatives are so popular now when they've been doing them for ages, is launching a newer, fatter, bloodier* burger for all the new vegans we have nowadays. Read More >>

Burger Bar Will Serve You a Cooked Tarantula if You Really Must

This is about a burger bar in Durham, which is selling cooked tarantulas as burger toppings for the insane, or for people who really, really need something interesting to put on their social media accounts today. As you might be able to guess, it's a Durham in America, not our lovely historic Durham. Read More >>

McDonald’s Thinks Maybe it’s the Cheese?

The US division of McDonald's appears to have had some sort of public health related breakthrough, and is pushing forward with a plan to remove cheeseburgers from its Happy Meal menu because, perhaps, the cheese is the main problem. Read More >>

Local Poshos Say “Not In Our Lovely Gentrified Streets” to New McDonald’s Opening

Burger chain McDonald's is facing a protest in the tidy streets of Manchester's East Didsbury area, where the locals would rather it didn't open up one of those drive-through car window burger shops that are popular with the common man. Read More >>

Nutritionalist Recommends Having a Burger With Your Burger

Here's some food advice that everyone can agree on -- having two burgers is better than having one burger. And that's according to someone who's a qualified nutritionist, so feel free to implement these diet changes at dinner time tonight. Read More >>

Why McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Tastes Like Ketchup

Burger fans recognise the power of the special sauce, whipping up their own custom batches to recreate the savoury, delectable bite they know and love from their favourite burger chains. Usually, those sloppy creations mirror thousand island dressing: ketchup and mayonnaise, ketchup, relish and mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, mustard and mayonnaise, et cetera. Except here’s the thing: there’s no ketchup in the most common burger au jus, the McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce. Read More >>

Swap Ironic Knitwear for Hot Burgers This Christmas

Burger King UK has a short memory and thinks people might be up for eating more processed meats on Boxing Day, as that's when it's running the #WhopperExchange scheme -- a promotion that lets punters swap unwanted Christmas presents for one of its burgers. Read More >>

The 7 Grossest Things the Internet Has Done to McDonald’s Food

McDonald’s food is already pretty unappealing, but as a lifetime of internet consumption has taught me, the moral bottom is limitless. Here are the most repulsive secondary preparations for food ostensibly cooked by a 53-year-old clown. Read More >>

The Amazing Contraption That Made This Impossible Burger Drop Shot Possible

The burger drop shot, where the ingredients of the world’s most perfect food appear to fall from the sky and perfectly stack themselves upon landing, pops up a lot in fast food commercials. But seeing what it takes to realise this footage without computer graphics makes you wonder if it’s worth all the effort. Read More >>

It Takes a Shocking Amount of Molten Copper to Destroy a Big Mac

Well, this certainly makes you think. About how emptily delicious and briefly satisfying a Big Mac from McDonald’s is. Read More >>

McDonald’s Reckons Table Service Will Make its Burgers Less Shameful to Eat

McDonald's, the company best known for selling hot meat sandwiches wrapped up in bits of paper and cardboard to sad drunk people, is continuing its push into upmarket territory in the UK with the launch of table service in over 400 refurbished branches. Read More >>

A Roast Dinner Between Two Yorkshire Puddings is as British as Burgers Get

If ever the Sunday pub lunch toss up of beer and burger or a traditional roast has left you an indecisively salivating mess, head up to Wakefield's Smokehouse BBQ. Its manager Michael Hewitt has just created a franken-baby of roast and sloppy burger, putting the best bits of a roast dinner into a giant food-coma inducing burger. Read More >>

Former Clown Reminisces on Life After Being Ronald McDonald

Joe Maggard was the corporate representative of burger chain McDonald's between 1995 and 2007, tasked with dressing up like the junk food loving clown to make burgers seem like fun and exciting things for children to eat. Read More >>