Watch a Furby Cry Tears of Smoke While It Burns to Hell From the Inside

Furbies are little monsters and I never understood why they existed until today. As it turns out, they’re not useless excuses for a toy, but rather the perfect play thing for a red hot nickel ball. Read More >>

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Lighting a Match With an Elastic Band Is a Handy Trick

If your five o’clock shadow isn’t rugged enough to light a match with, and there’s nowhere else to strike one, an elastic band and a second match are all you need to get a fire started. This one’s going to require some practise to master (and some amateur sniper skills) but MacGyver would be proud. Read More >>

Sun power
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Burning Stuff With the Power of the Sun Never Ever Gets Old

You know as a kid when you used to use a magnifying glass and the Sun to burn ants? This is basically that, but more awesome (and less gruesome!). Using the screen of an old big screen TV, Grant Thompson was able to create a 1.2m magnifying lens that could melt a stack of pennies, burst a glass bottle, cook food, burn pretty much anything, and more. Your childhood self would be so amazed at the power of the Sun. Hell, your adult self is pretty amazed too. [Grant Thompson via The Awesomer] Read More >>

Sunburn Is Your RNA Crying Out in Pain

Sunburn is painful, dangerous and embarrassing. But despite knowing it's the body's protective immune response to high levels of ultraviolet radiation, scientists weren't exactly sure what the biological process behind it was. Turns out that it's your RNA screaming out in pain — a finding which could help sunburn and other skin ailments for good. Read More >>