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This T-Rex Battle Royale Makes Me Wish I’d Gone To Burning Man (Almost)

If you’re secretly harbouring a Mad Max fetish, there’s yet another reason to spend a few days in the middle of the desert at Burning Man. Usually it’s hard for most of us to see the appeal of the festival, until you realise it includes the opportunity to watch a pair of T-rex battle inside a replica of Mad Max’s Thunderdome. Read More >>

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A Frenetic Timelapse is the Best Way to Experience Burning Man

Last week, the haves, have-nots, and welders of the world reunited in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for Burning Man 2016. The week-long festival celebrates ingenuity, hacking, making, and a valid reason to go a week without bathing. Mark Day was there to capture all of the insanity, and created a hyperlapse of all the Burning Man 2016 highlights which seems like the ideal way to experience it. [YouTube via Geeks are Sexy] Read More >>

Burning Man Just Bought a Permanent Outpost in the Nevada Desert

For the past few years the future of the most famous temporary city on Earth has been in limbo. The annual Burning Man festival has grown larger than its site can feasibly accommodate from an environmental perspective, causing some Burners to break off and start their own events. Now, the acquisition of property nearby might signal that Burning Man is about to put down some roots. Read More >>

It Only Takes 70,000 Festival Dancers to Make an Earthquake

Hordes of party-minded American hipsters are heading out to Black Rock City this weekend for the annual Burning Man festival — possibly as many as 70,000, if past growth trends hold. And according to British seismologist Paul Denton, that’s enough frenzied dancing feet to generate a small earthquake measuring about 0.5 on the Richter scale. Read More >>

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This Is What It’s Like To Play Street Fighter Using Real Fireballs

There is a dream harboured by everyone who grew up playing Street Fighter. In that dream you put your wrists together, shove them forward, shout "Hadouken!" and a giant fireball flies through the air. Last night, that dream came true. Read More >>

The 3,000-Pound Fire-Breathing Robot Scorpion Roving the Nevada Desert

Burning Man, despite its reputation, is not just some low-fi hippie party in the middle of nowhere. The place is bursting with unique technology. Some of it blows out your eardrums, some helps you survive in a hostile environment, and some just inspires wonder, awe, and a little bit of fear. Read More >>