Preschoolers Hospitalised After School Science Experiment Goes Wrong

Twelve students at a Houston preschool were injured on Tuesday when a class science experiment didn’t go as planned. Most reportedly had minor burns but seven of the students had to be rushed to a local hospital. Read More >>

Don’t Sleep With Your Phone

Fancy computer phones are great. They let us communicate, work, document, learn, complain, order dinner, find consensual sex friends, and plenty of other fun things. If I could attach myself to my phone with some sort of strange, dystopian umbilical cord-like apparatus, I would. Read More >>

star wars
Darth Vader’s Best Burns, Not Counting the Ones Covering His Entire Body

Darth Vader is fearsome. Darth Vader is tragic. But also? Darth Vader is the sassiest Sith lord around. From the Star Wars movies to the current comic, Vader is capable of pulling out fantastic insults and comebacks, as easily as his lightsaber. Here are some of the our favourite put-downs from the Dark Lord himself. Read More >>

Man Makes Classic Slapstick Error of Confusing IRON With PHONE

This sounds like it belongs in a 1970s Two Ronnies sketch, but is apparently genuine. Polish man Thomas Paczkowski is said to have held an iron to his ear thinking it was a telephone, burning half his face. And look, he's produced a vague photo to prove it. Read More >>

ReCell Kit Grows Spray On Skin at Your Bedside In Just Half an Hour

While skin grafts are an essential tool for treating severe burns, Avita Medical has developed a compact kit that grows replacement skin that can be sprayed on; which has resulted in faster healing and better cosmetic results in patient testing. Read More >>