London is Colouring in its Buses and Routes

London's buses are about to start getting some Underground-style coloured themes, as Transport for London attempts to make identifying bus routes as easy as working out which tube line you need to take. Read More >>

Bus Journeys Increase by 20 Per Cent in Six Years, Probably Because of Free Wi-Fi

Stats charting bus travel in parts of the UK show that it's on the up in our towns and cities, with some urban areas seeing their bus journeys increase by as much as 20 per cent over the last few years. Read More >>

How Do They Number London’s Bus Routes?

Who decided that the 172 should be the bus that goes from the middle bit to the south-east corner? And why do some have letters in their official designations? Why is there a 474 and a 476 but not a 475? And is it really OK to eat a burger on a packed one during rush hour? Read More >>

Boiling London Buses Will Finally Get Windows That Open… When Summer Ends

The lovely new Routemaster buses that have been replacing the weird old bendy things across London for the last few years have always had one pretty big problem -- a lack of opening windows. This means they can get quite hot, especially in the summer when they're full of tourists all breathing heavily and wearing coats because they thought London was all about fog and rain. Read More >>

Bus Services Bill to Enable London-Style Transport Networks Across England

The government is introducing a thing it calls the Bus Services Bill, a framework that wants to fix the country's piecemeal approach to bus operations and hand back more controlling power to local councils. Read More >>

How London’s New Hour Long Bus Fare Cap System Will Work

London's new mayor has wasted no time in sticking one of his ideas in place, announcing a plan to effectively cap all city bus travel to £1.50 -- as long as trips are completed within an hour. Read More >>

An All-Electric Red Double Decker Bus is Coming to London

London is set to get the world's first all-electric double decker buses, as the iconic red public transport wagons go green with new low-emissions power sources. Read More >>

London Tests Remote Limiting Tools to Stop Buses Speeding

A small test group of London's buses are to be fitted with a GPS-linked speed monitoring tool, one designed to make sure its drivers can never break the speed limits when ferrying people about town. Read More >>

CCTV Shows Runaway London Bus Crash Spree

Security camera footage of a high-speed bus smash has been released as part of a court case concerning the driver of a number 11 London bus, with the court unable to decide if the accident was caused by driver error or a glitch in the new Routemaster's computerised controls. Read More >>

London Now Has a Gay Bus

Transport for London has painted up one of its fleet of buses in rainbow colours, to celebrate all the many and various ways the people of the capital do their sex. Read More >>

New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal: Myth, Mystery, Mess

For many coming to New York City, the available entry is the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT). However, if a traveller seeks the charm of a grand entrance, they will be greatly disappointed. The PABT is considered, colloquially, to be a hall of unfathomable nightmares. As one Yelp! reviewer put it: Read More >>

The UK Now Has a Poo-Powered Bus Route

OK, so it's not quite as cool as a Tesla electric motor, but the UK's got a new bus route that's eco-friendly in a whole different way. Bristol Airport now has a bus that will shuttle people to Bath city centre, powered solely by human and food waste. Yep, we have a poo bus. Read More >>

More Non-London Buses Going Ticketless from 2015

A consortium of the big bus franchise holders is looking to launch a national ticketless payment system, with the Oyster-for-buses Swift cards set to launch on more routes in 2015. Buses operated by Stagecoach, First, Arriva, Go Ahead and National Express will take part, enhancing the UK's current patchwork approach to cashless ticketing. [BBC] Read More >>

TfL Has 10 Arty Oyster Card Holders to Help Celebrate Year of the Bus

Transport for London and the London Transport Museum are celebrating Year of the Bus right now, with one of the many party-fuelling events being the creation of another batch of artisan Oyster card holders for the self-aware, fashionable traveller. Read More >>

EE’s Contactless App Touches Up London’s Buses

EE's Cash on Tap smartphone NFC app has been updated, allowing commuters in London to use it to pay for bus journeys ahead of the full contactless switch-on this September. Read More >>