Tour Bus Company Offers its Open-Toppers as Post-Pandemic Commute Machines

One of London's larger tour bus companies has attempted to kill two cyclists/birds with one stone, by suggesting that its mostly empty tourist vehicles could be repurposed by London workers as commuter buses; letting people on the open air top decks breathe a little easier, metaphorically and literally, on their way to work. Read More >>

London’s Mayor Says We Need Compulsory Face Masks for Shopping and Commuting

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is pleading with the government to make the wearing of face masks a compulsory thing in the city, saying he's seen evidence that their use in other countries has had some effect in limiting the spread of the coronavirus. Read More >>

National Express Furloughs into Central Reservation This Weekend

National Express is no longer able or willing to operate any coach services in the UK, as it's to stop even the small skeleton "essential" operation it's been running of late from this weekend. Read More >>

National Express Promises a Full Zero Emission Bus Fleet by 2030

Bus and coach specialist National Express has said it will stop buying diesel buses and coaches from literally right now, as it foresees a time in the near-ish future when every bus and coach it operates is full electric, or hydrogen, or pedalled by people down below paying £1 to transit between our major cities. Read More >>

Giving One Town Electric Buses is Today’s World-Saving Initiative

The Department for Transport would like to be considered the pioneering good guys of today, as it's revealed a weird sort of regional lottery from which one lucky town will benefit from enough money to revolutionise itself with a fleet of all-electric buses. Read More >>

Birmingham Approves Huge Plan to Sideline Private Cars

Birmingham and the West Midlands as a whole have been operating under a self-declared state of climate emergency since 2019, and now they have a plan. It's to make "active travel" the first choice in the region's big city while building a "fully integrated, high quality public transport system," relegating the place of the car to that of a historical aberration. Read More >>

Cardiff Joins Urban War on Cars With £2 Congestion Charge Plan

Members of Cardiff council are pushing a plan to introduce a congestion charge to the city, with the current concept looking at introducing a £2 fee on non-residents driving into the city to fund various public travel and environmental enhancements. Read More >>

UK Bus Data Finally Opens in 2020

2020 is the year bus data leaves the secret Excel documents of the line managers and enters the public domain, as the government has ordered its Bus Open Data Service service to be in place by the end of the year. Read More >>

Veganuary Adverts Banned From Arriva Buses

A group of independent climate change pressure vegans have been told their controversial adverts on buses in Shropshire and Telford need to be removed, not because of complaints – although there have coincidentally been some – but because the approvals process wasn't correctly followed. Read More >>

London’s Electric Buses to Start Making New Sounds

The fleet of zero-emission electric buses in London will soon begin testing an "innovative new bus sound" as they trundle along, with the idea being that it'll help alert pedestrians to the coming of a low speed electric vehicle with the potential to hospitalise or funeralise them. Read More >>

Driver Suspended for Refusing to Drive Pride Bus

A bus driver doing the rounds of Norwich was overheard refusing to take the controls of one particular vehicle, due to the fact its route number had been coloured in with rainbow stripes to help celebrate the events of Norwich Pride. Read More >>

Megabus Scientists Imagine the Coach of the Future

Megabus, which is always cheap fares crazy, has gone a new kind of crazy. It is now futurist transport solutions crazy too, as it's hired a designer to conceptualise the sort of coach we'll all be travelling on between cities in the year 2040. Read More >>

Gentrified Spice Girls Bus Hits Airbnb

The current owner of the Spice Bus, as featured in baffling 90s film Spice World, has given it a modern refit, filled it up with soft furnishings that have flags on and say "Girl Power" everywhere, and is about to put it on Airbnb for fans to live out their wildest Spice Girls fantasies in. Well, their second or third wildest Spice Girls fantasies at least. Read More >>

Airline Tortures Passengers With Six-Hour Plane Replacement Bus Service

Regional operator Flybe had a new and previously unimaginable horror to spring on its customers this weekend – an aeroplane replacement bus service. Read More >>

Liverpool Chooses Hydrogen to Alt-Fuel Eco Bus Fleet

A futuristic hum is on its way to Liverpool, as the city centre is about to host as many as 25 alternatively fuelled demonstration buses. Read More >>