Driver Suspended for Refusing to Drive Pride Bus

A bus driver doing the rounds of Norwich was overheard refusing to take the controls of one particular vehicle, due to the fact its route number had been coloured in with rainbow stripes to help celebrate the events of Norwich Pride. Read More >>

Megabus Scientists Imagine the Coach of the Future

Megabus, which is always cheap fares crazy, has gone a new kind of crazy. It is now futurist transport solutions crazy too, as it's hired a designer to conceptualise the sort of coach we'll all be travelling on between cities in the year 2040. Read More >>

Gentrified Spice Girls Bus Hits Airbnb

The current owner of the Spice Bus, as featured in baffling 90s film Spice World, has given it a modern refit, filled it up with soft furnishings that have flags on and say "Girl Power" everywhere, and is about to put it on Airbnb for fans to live out their wildest Spice Girls fantasies in. Well, their second or third wildest Spice Girls fantasies at least. Read More >>

Airline Tortures Passengers With Six-Hour Plane Replacement Bus Service

Regional operator Flybe had a new and previously unimaginable horror to spring on its customers this weekend – an aeroplane replacement bus service. Read More >>

Liverpool Chooses Hydrogen to Alt-Fuel Eco Bus Fleet

A futuristic hum is on its way to Liverpool, as the city centre is about to host as many as 25 alternatively fuelled demonstration buses. Read More >>

Ford Abandons its Local Mini Bus Fleet

Something you might vaguely remember but probably never used is closing. We could do a blog entirely about things we half remember and are now closing. This time it's Chariot, Ford's international attempt to convince the world to group-book public transport, and it's closing at the end of January as but one prong of the carmaker's latest grand restructuring scheme. Read More >>

Public Transport In Luxembourg Is Now Free And We Will Be Moving Forthwith

As if rail fares going up 3% isn't bad enough, now Luxembourg's gone and made us even grumpier with the state of UK public transport by making all its trains, trams and buses completely free. Read More >>

Crappy Buses Stop People Holding Down Jobs

Researchers tasked with doing a bit of Orwellian investigation into the lives of your everyday folk in the north of England have come to the conclusion that the buses need to be better, finding that people are missing job interviews and losing work opportunities simply because the public transport system is so unreliable. Read More >>

Transport for London Launches Bus Passenger Tracking Trial

Transport for London, the body which operates the capital's public transport, has today announced that from tomorrow, it will be starting a new automatic passenger counting trial on buses, which it says could lead to better bus journeys in the future. Read More >>

Gatwick Plans Self-Driving Shuttle Buses

Gatwick Airport might end up being one of the first places when you can be both intrigued and nervous beyond belief while a computer drives a motorised vehicle by itself in public, as the transport hub is to test autonomous passenger connection buses this year. Read More >>

London Plans £6m Secret Bus Driver Toilet Network

London's mayor has brought to light a problem we didn't know existed: the how and where of bus drivers going to the toilet. We always assumed they held it in until they got back to the depot and were perhaps trained in advanced muscle control and peristaltic wave interruption, but apparently not. Read More >>

Ford Wants to Become a London Bus Company

Ford, the car company, wants to become Ford, the bus company. In London, at least, where it's been granted approval to start operating trials of a limited, pre-book, communal, minibus-version-of-Uber kind of thing. Read More >>

Birmingham Bus Driver Only Went and Bloody Did it

A bus driver in Birmingham has bloody done it. He's actually done it. He really, really did it. It's hard to believe, but he did. He did it! The amazing man. The bloody idiot. Read More >>

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Watch This Perfectly-Timed Bus Block a Livestream of the Georgia Dome, Right as it Implodes

A building implosion is a one-time thing; once a structure has been razed, there’s no resetting for a take two. That’s why The Weather Channel set up its livestream camera of the Georgia Dome’s demolition over half an hour before the first scheduled kaboom—except it forgot to double-check the local bus schedule. Read More >>

Some London Buses are Being Powered by Coffee Grounds

Coffee is a big business, especially that fancy coffee you can buy from a tax-dodging corporation that marks everything up. I imagine so much coffee gets sold, some estate agent will start insisting that it's the reason millennials can't afford to buy a house. All that coffee means a lot of coffee grounds are generated. Normally they'd be thrown away, but that's changing because they're being used to power some of London's many buses. Read More >>