The Lego Group Named The Most Reputable Company

In a recent survey carried out by The Reputation Institute, an organisation dedicated to investigating the public perception of companies, The Lego Group has come out on top. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Buys Costa Coffee in a £3.9 Billion Deal

Currently owned by parent company Whitbread, the Costa chain is about to be sold to Coca-Cola. Whitbread bought the chain back in 1995 when it was just made up of 39 outlets. In the 23 years since, it's grown to have 2,400 branches in the UK along with over 1,400 overseas. As such, Whitbread was planning to demerge Costa from the parent company, spinning it off into a firm of its own. But it seems Coca-Cola swung in with an offer that was much more lucrative for Whitbread: the deal is worth £3.9 billion. Read More >>

Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Tax Tech Companies and Give Some of the Money to the BBC

There are a lot of things you could expect if Jeremy Corbyn ever becomes Prime Minister. Serious work into renationalising the rail services, poorer international relations with Israel, and both the Sun and Express having a meltdown at the news. The controversial Labour leader has also announced new plans that involve taxing tech companies, with the funds being diverted to the BBC and a money pool for new independent journalism. Read More >>

Hackers are Trying to Hold Superdrug to Ransom

Another day, another set of hackers who say they've managed to access personal details and want money in exchange for their good behaviour. This time it's happened to Superdrug, with hackers trying some old-fashioned extortion by claiming they have details of 20,000 customers. Read More >>

Pepsi Plans to Buy SodaStream in £2.5 Billion Deal

PepsiCo will buy the Israel-based DIY soda company SodaStream in a deal worth $3.2 billion (£2.5 billion). The move is widely seen as an effort by Pepsi to prop up its catalogue of “healthy” food and drink options as it continues to wage battle against longtime rival Coca-Cola. Both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have invested heavily in both healthier and eco-friendly alternatives over the past decade. Read More >>

Tinder Executives Sue Dating App’s Owners for Allegedly Cheating Them Out of Billions 

Ten former and current Tinder executives, including some of its founders, filed a lawsuit against the dating app’s owners IAC and Match Group on Tuesday, accusing them of scheming to intentionally lower Tinder’s valuation and cheat employees out of billions of dollars. Read More >>

Brits Don’t Get Blockchain, and Lots of Us Don’t Trust it as a Result

Blockchain is the new hip and happening thing in the world these days, or that's the way things look from the state of my email inbox. It seems like everyone has been jumping on the bandwagon to incorporate blockchain into their existing business, or forming a new start-up that's all about the blocks of chains. The problem? More than half of British people don't actually understand what blockchain is, and that makes them inherently distrustful of it. Read More >>

Report: Saudi Arabia May Be Planning a Major Bid for Tesla’s Leveraged Buyout

The official sovereign wealth fund of the Saudi Arabian government may be considering a major investment in Elon Musk’s electric car giant Tesla, and sources say it is “in talks” to do so after Musk let slip via Twitter that he is considering taking the company private in a $60-billion-plus (£47-billion-plus) deal at $420 (£330) a share, Bloomberg reported on Sunday. Read More >>

The Chancellor is Threatening New Taxes Again, This Time Aimed at Online Retailers

Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, was in the news back in March for threatening tech companies with extra taxes - because they still manage to get away with paying almost nothing. That was a threat that originated in the Autumn budget last year, and still nothing seems to have come to fruition. Now he's back at throwing around threats of extra taxes, except this time he's targeting online retailers. Read More >>

Poundworld is Saved From Death

At he end of last month it was revealed Poundworld would be closing down all of its remaining stores, after failing to secure a buyer following financial woes and a descent into administration. But it looks like the company is set to be saved after all, with Irish retail family the Hendersons stepping in to buy out the UK's best performing Poundworld stores. Read More >>

Despite a Profit Increase, Amazon UK’s Tax Bill Dropped to £4.6 Million

Last year Amazon Services UK generated a £48 million profit and paid a measly £7.4 million in tax, which pissed off a lot of people. Those people are going to be furious this year, because the company was handed a tax bill of £4.6 million - despite profits rising to £80 million. That said it's only having to pay £1.7 million, with £2.9 million being deferred until a later date. Read More >>

Apple May Be the First Trillion-Dollar Company, but Can You Believe the 2001 Brendan Fraser Film Monkeybone Isn’t on Netflix??

Just 21 years after facing near-bankruptcy, Apple Inc. just became the first publicly traded company in history to be worth $1 trillion (£767 million). This means that Apple’s market cap is roughly the same as the nominal GDP for Mexico, the world’s 15th largest economy according to the United Nations. It’s a meaningless milestone in many ways, but it also got me thinking. Did you know that the 2001 dark fantasy film Monkeybone (starring Brendan Fraser and Whoopi Goldberg) isn’t on Netflix? It is not. Read More >>

‘Long Blockchain’ Maybe Not as Smart as It Thought

Remember “Long Blockchain,” or rather, the company formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea Corp. that saw its stock skyrocket after it changed its name to refer to the foundational technology behind the cryptocurrency boom and made a vague pivot to “globally scalable blockchain technology solutions”? Turns out that might not have been so smart! Read More >>

By Outselling the iPhone, Huawei Shows It Doesn’t Need the US to Succeed

Earlier this year, fuelled in part by the US government’s concerns over security and potential espionage, AT&T, Verizon, and Best Buy all backed out of deals to carry Huawei phones in their shops. This forced Huawei to shift its attention away from the US and focus more on other markets such as Europe and Asia. Despite this situation in the US, Huawei sold more than 54 million devices last quarter. Read More >>

Dixons Carphone Admits Last Year’s Hack Was Bigger Than it Realised

Last year high street retailer Dixons Carphone, owner of Currys and Carphone Warehouse, was hacked - something it discovered and announced back in June. Now it's revealed things were a lot more serious than it initially realised, and that 10 million customers could be affected. That's significantly more than the 1.2 million it told us about a month and a half ago. Read More >>