Everything You Need to Know About Xiaomi’s UK Launch

Today's the day people, the day Xiaomi extends its European operations and brings its phone to the UK. Officially anyway, meaning you don't need to go to a possibly-sketchy importer to get yourself one of the company's low-cost handsets. Here's everything we know about the launch, and where you can get a Xiaomi phone. Read More >>

Who’s Screwed, Who’s Not: The Tech Earnings Report Roundup

The unstoppable stock market has been experiencing some turmoil recently with the S&P 500 experiencing the most daily losses since 2008. Tariffs, interest rate hikes, and tech stocks are getting a lot of the blame from financial tea-readers. Here’s the good and the bad we saw from the earnings reports of the tech giants that showed their hands last week. Read More >>

What Will Become of Linux Giant Red Hat Now That It Sold Out to IBM?

As the New York Times reported on Sunday, IBM is in the process of purchasing Red Hat, one of the largest corporate contributors to the Linux kernel. The news is great if you’ve got stock in either company or a passion to see a cloud computing services challenge Amazon (and Microsoft). But if you’re a fan of open source software, IBM’s move might be a little worrisome. Read More >>

Working at Netflix Sounds Like Hell

There are many, many jobs that are much worse than working at Netflix. But based on an extensive profile of the company’s culture, the streaming company certainly seems to have built a unique version of corporate hell. Read More >>

Facebook’s UK Tax Bill Just Rose to £15.7 Million

There's always a lot of outrage whenever it's revealed how much tax big companies are paying, generally because it looks as though they're paying an absolute pittance when compared to the rest of their income. Well for those who feel it's incredibly unfair they can seemingly get away with not paying very much, there's good news. Facebook's tax bill just rose to £15.7 million, which is triple what it had to pay the previous year. Read More >>

Silicon Valley Billionaire’s Effort to Keep Surfers Off Beach Is a Total Wipeout

Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla really wants to keep the public off of his stretch of the coastline—so much so, that he petitioned to have his case heard by America’s highest court. On Monday, however, the US Supreme Court decided that it won’t hear the Silicon Valley billionaire’s appeal. Read More >>

Deliveroo Reveals Profit Margins, Suggesting it’s Not for Sale

Last week we heard news that Deliveroo was a hot commodity in the food delivery business. As it turned out both Amazon and Uber had inquired about purchasing the company, with reports claiming Deliveroo asked for $4 billion - significantly higher than its $2 billion valuation. This week, however, Deliveroo has hit back at concerns its business model isn't viable, or that it's looking to sell itself to a larger company, by revealing its own financial margins. Read More >>

Comcast is Buying Fox’s Existing Stake in Sky for $15 Billion

For years Rupert Murdoch and Fox have been working on trying to buy out the remaining 61 per cent of Sky that the law said couldn't be bought. Recently the law and regulators decided it was just dandy for Murdoch to try his hand at a full takeover, only for Comcast to swoop in with a better offer that inevitably led to Sky shareholders deciding the US cable giant was the way to go. Now, Fox and its new overlords Disney have agreed to sell the remaining 39 per cent of Sky to Comcast for the princely sum of $15 billion. Read More >>

Oh God, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is Coming to London

If you're a regular reader of Giz UK, you'll know all about Goop. If you don't let me remind you. Goop is a wellness company founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, and is notorious for peddling products that come with massive doses of unverified pseudoscience. Products like the vaginal eggs that it ended up being sued over, 'Bio Frequency' healing stickers, and other things that led to it being named 'worst pseudoscience of the year'. Read More >>

The Lego Group Named The Most Reputable Company

In a recent survey carried out by The Reputation Institute, an organisation dedicated to investigating the public perception of companies, The Lego Group has come out on top. Read More >>

Coca-Cola Buys Costa Coffee in a £3.9 Billion Deal

Currently owned by parent company Whitbread, the Costa chain is about to be sold to Coca-Cola. Whitbread bought the chain back in 1995 when it was just made up of 39 outlets. In the 23 years since, it's grown to have 2,400 branches in the UK along with over 1,400 overseas. As such, Whitbread was planning to demerge Costa from the parent company, spinning it off into a firm of its own. But it seems Coca-Cola swung in with an offer that was much more lucrative for Whitbread: the deal is worth £3.9 billion. Read More >>

Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Tax Tech Companies and Give Some of the Money to the BBC

There are a lot of things you could expect if Jeremy Corbyn ever becomes Prime Minister. Serious work into renationalising the rail services, poorer international relations with Israel, and both the Sun and Express having a meltdown at the news. The controversial Labour leader has also announced new plans that involve taxing tech companies, with the funds being diverted to the BBC and a money pool for new independent journalism. Read More >>

Hackers are Trying to Hold Superdrug to Ransom

Another day, another set of hackers who say they've managed to access personal details and want money in exchange for their good behaviour. This time it's happened to Superdrug, with hackers trying some old-fashioned extortion by claiming they have details of 20,000 customers. Read More >>

Pepsi Plans to Buy SodaStream in £2.5 Billion Deal

PepsiCo will buy the Israel-based DIY soda company SodaStream in a deal worth $3.2 billion (£2.5 billion). The move is widely seen as an effort by Pepsi to prop up its catalogue of “healthy” food and drink options as it continues to wage battle against longtime rival Coca-Cola. Both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have invested heavily in both healthier and eco-friendly alternatives over the past decade. Read More >>

Tinder Executives Sue Dating App’s Owners for Allegedly Cheating Them Out of Billions 

Ten former and current Tinder executives, including some of its founders, filed a lawsuit against the dating app’s owners IAC and Match Group on Tuesday, accusing them of scheming to intentionally lower Tinder’s valuation and cheat employees out of billions of dollars. Read More >>