So Long Poundworld, it’s Been Fun

Last month we first heard that Poundworld was struggling and seeking a buyout. Then those hopes were quashed and the company was forced to enter administration, putting thousands of jobs at risk. Now, sadly, the company has confirmed it will be closing down its remaining stores by the 10th August. Read More >>

Nestle’s Opened Up its Own Wind Farm in Scotland

Renewable energy is a big thing these days, and rightly so. Not only is it a viable source of energy, it's good for the planet and the people living on it. So big companies have been doing a lot of investment into renewable power. Mainly because it makes them look good, but I'd still call it a win. The latest big multinational to join in on the sustainable energy bandwagon is Nestle, which has just launched its own nine-turbine wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway,Scotland. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Going to Start Throwing Out All of its Plastic Straws in September

We're all mega environmental these days, adamantly striking out against companies that over use the plastic because David Attenborough showed us all it ends up in the sea. McDonald's has taken that to heart, and after announcing it would be cutting down on the amount of plastic straws it uses, the company has announced every British and Irish branch will be swapping them out for paper versions. Read More >>

Deliveroo Will Now Partner With Restaurants That Already Have Their Own Delivery People

Deliveroo has been great from a certain perspective, since it allows restaurants without their own delivery network to offer their menu to customer who don't want to leave the house. Likewise for some customers it means you can order that 1,000 calorie burger from Burger King without having to put on trousers to pick it up yourself. But what about the places that already have delivery people? Well Deliveroo has just announced they can join in too. Read More >>

Dixons Carphone Confirms it Was Hacked, and Credit Card Details May Have Been Exposed

Things haven't been looking too great for Dixons Carphone. Not only has the company had to shut down 92 Carphone Warhouse stores, a move blamed on changing consumer phone-buying habits, the company has now confirmed it has been hacked. What's more some 5.8 million credit card details may have been exposed in the process, alongside 1.2 million instances of non-financial personal data. Read More >>

With Buyout Hopes Quashed, Poundworld Just Went into Administration

Everything is a pound, as the saying goes, and it looks like Poundworld might join the long list of businesses that went bust and got sold off for the price of a pair of slippers. After news that it was on the brink of administration last week, the news is now official. Buyout talks have failed, leaving the discount chain no choice but to hand over to administrators - putting 5,100 jobs at risk. Read More >>

Not Even Poundworld Can Thrive in Brexit Britain

Several years ago I remember reading something about how the recession meant discount shops like pound shops were doing quite well. When times are tough, people love the concept of "everything's a pound", which it was at the time. The problem is that even these trying Brexitty times are proving to be a bit problematic for them. Or rather it is for Poundworld, which is apparently on the verge of administration. Read More >>

Amazon is the Latest Company to be Sued Over Gig Economy ‘Self Employment’

The gig economy has been lauded as a way for people to earn money with the flexibility to work their own hours and be their own boss. Or at least that's what the companies that use gig economy workers claim. The likes of Uber and Deliveroo have been regularly criticised for their attitude to so-called 'self employed' gig economy workers, with regular accusations claiming this employment status is to avoid paying staff fair wages and offering statutory benefits. Now Amazon is the latest company to come under fire. Read More >>

Carphone Warehouse is Closing 92 Branches Because We Don’t Buy New Phone Contracts Every Six Months

It's no secret that the high street has been having a hard time thanks to this whole "internet thing", which makes it possible to order in pretty much anything without having to put on pants and leave the house. Like Phones4U before it, Carphone Warehouse is having a bit of trouble getting people into its shops, though unlike the long-dead competitor it's only shutting 92 stores in response. Read More >>

Homebase Sold to HMV’s Salvager for £1

Homebase might be the next margins-of-town retailer to go down the closures and fire sale route, as the entire business has been sold to a new owner. For £1. Which sounds like a bargain, until you realise that Homebase currently loses around £20m a month. Something Will Need To Be Done. Read More >>

BitTorrent Inc Changes Name, Now Known as Rainberry

BitTorrent is a very recognisable name, despite some of the negative connotations it might have accumulated over the years, and is well known for the popular torrenting clients its developed like uTorrent. Now, though, the company is shaking things up a bit by switching from BitTorrent Inc to Rainberry Inc. Read More >>

Startups in China Are Hiring Women as ‘Programmer Motivators,’ and It’s Just as Sexist as It Sounds

Shen Yue works as a “programmer motivator” at a consumer finance company in China. As the name suggests, her job is to inspirit programmers at her company, which involves chatting them up, coordinating social activities, and even giving them massages, according to a recent report from the New York Times. Read More >>

Five Arrested for Illegal Rave in Abandoned London Toys R Us

Toys R Us is near its end. Yesterday we found out that all remaining stores will shut down by April 24th, but some of them have already shut down. Just like the Hounslow branch in West London, which is in the news because it very nearly ended up housing an illegal rave. Read More >>

Would £45 an Hour be Enough to Make You Clean a Stranger’s House While Naked?

Times are tough, and with Brexit coming some say they might get tougher. There are a lot of ways you can earn money on the side of your regular job, and one naturalist cleaning firm hopes it can entice you into working for them. You could earn £45 an hour, provided you're willing to clean someone's house with no clothes on. Read More >>

Surprise, Surprise, Some of the Worst Gender Pay Gap Offenders in the UK are Football Teams

Today companies across the UK have revealed data documenting the levels of pay disparity between men and women, with around 78 per cent of them paying men more money on average. People have been sifting through the data to see how companies are doing when it comes to gender pay gap, and have found some interesting things. Read More >>