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Why Do We Have Bums?

When separates us from the animals? Is it the burden of consciousness, the terror of knowing that one day we will die, along with everyone we’ve ever loved? Or is it our big weird arses? Read More >>

Airship Maker Vows Giant Flying Ass Will Rise Again

It’s a beautiful day for aerospace and butts. The Airlander 10, the world’s largest aircraft (which also happens to look like a giant ass), has reportedly been repaired and is ready to fly again. Read More >>

Giant Floating Arse Shits Itself, Crashes

Ladies and gents, the world’s largest aircraft that also looks like a bum has crashed. Read More >>

What Happens When You Zoom in Too Far on Google Maps 

Sleeping too well lately? Looking for that “something something” to turn those boring restful nights into a horrorscape? Turns out, zooming in too far on Google Maps’ user-uploaded 3D Spheres produces some impressively fucked up images. Read More >>

The New Airbnb Logo is the Sexual Rorschach Test for Our Time

Is it balls? Is it a vagina? Is it balls in front of a vagina? These are the questions the internet is asking after Airbnb revealed its new logo to the world in a puzzling webcast today. Read More >>

Listen to Hieronymus Bosch’s 500-Year-Old Butt Song From Hell

In any other painting, a naked butt tattooed with a musical score would be the first thing you'd notice. But it's just another detail in Hieronymus Bosch's masterpiece, The Garden of Earthly Delights—which explains why it's taken someone 500 years to try to play it. Read More >>

Government Moves to Ban Phones Designed to Fit Up Prisoner Butts

Necessity is the mother of invention, and invention is the father of designing things that you can fit into your butt to sneak them into prison. And so a phone shaped exactly like a small butt plug has come into our world, and the UK government is trying to ban it. Read More >>

Memory Foam: Everything There Is to Know About NASA’s Butt Protector

1966, the folks at NASA wanted to nestle pilots' tushies. Pilots worked hard, they risked their lives, they deserved a happy backside. Some strategic nestling would also protect the tush in a crash or during sudden vibrations. Read More >>