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All the Best Wibbley Wobbley Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

In case you hadn't noticed, Doctor Who returned to television screens this weekend. Properly this time, not the one off that we got at Christmas. Anyway, as we head into Peter Capaldi's last series as the Doctor, tensions are high as we try and work out who the next one will be. We've got 12 weeks until the series ends, and then another Christmas special, and Capaldi is gone. Read More >>

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Essential Reading to Complement Netflix’s Iron Fist

The fourth Marvel TV series hit Netflix last weekend, bringing Iron Fist into the world of live action for the very first time. It's, erm, well it's not the worst original series Netflix has come up with, but it certainly doesn't hold a candle to its Marvel-fuelled siblings. If you've started watching the series (and maybe even finished it), you might be interested to learn more about the world of Danny Rand and his glowing punches. If you need a place to start, we've got all the best stories you should get reading. Read More >>

How to Buy a Smart TV That Won’t Make Your House Sad

In the market for a brand new, shiny, smart TV? The good news is that there’s more excellent choices out there than ever; the bad news is that working your way through all the options can take up precious time you could be spending binge-watching Westworld. Let us ease your purchasing headaches and point out what to look for. Read More >>

A Voice Remote for the Amazon Echo is Your ‘Alexa, Solve My First World Problems’ Deal of the Day

Here's the latest first world problem to swing our way. You have an Amazon Echo, but your single device can't cover the entire house or struggles with all the background noise. Rather than buy multiple devices, you can opt for a dedicated voice remote that you can carry around with you. It lets you bark commands at Alexa via Bluetooth, even if the basestation is too far away. It also has volume control and media playback buttons. It can be yours for £15.99 at Amazon UK with the code 20NEWYEAR. Read More >>

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Giz UK’s Gift Guide for Ourselves

Recently we've been going over all the different gifts you can buy yourself, or others, over the Christmas season. But while you've been doing that, we've been looking over all the things we would really love with envious eyes. Things we want, but probably can't justify spending money on. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

You may have noticed that yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Patrick Troughton's first appearance on Doctor Who. With that in mind, and the fact that the BBC just launched a new spin-off of the decades-old sci-fi programme, we're going to take a look at the best Doctor Who-themed swag you can buy. Read More >>

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Get Your Geek on This Christmas With These Awesomely Nerdy Christmas Jumpers

Nerds and geeks, rejoice. It's nearly Christmas, and that can only mean one thing: time to don that Christmas Jumper! Once that might have meant wearing the most awful woolly number with a reindeer on that your Aunt Mildred gifted to you and you just have to wear, god forbid you hurt her feelings over Christmas dinner, but not any more. The rise of the geek means that whatever it is you're into, there's a festive knit just for you. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Fans of All Things Star Wars

With Christmas less than a fortnight away, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to buy for friends and family. If you're struggling to find something for the sci-fi geek in your life, you're in luck, because there's a new Star Wars film coming out in a couple of weeks and that means there's plenty of stuff out there you can spend your money on. Read More >>

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The Best Raspberry Pi Accessories for your DIY Computer

Earlier this week we were introduced to the Raspberry Pi 3. With some fancier hardware and faster speeds,  it's already set to power all of your mini computer projects. Whether it's a mobile games console, custom Kodi box, a makeshift mobile phone, or even a one-button Chromecast remote. Read More >>

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The Best Secret Santa Gifts For the Office Bellend

Secret Santa is a time-honoured tradition in offices around the Christmas-celebrating world, but it's not always possible to actually like all the people you work with. If you managed to draw the name of someone you can't stand, and can't work out a trade with somebody else, here are a few shitty and vindictive gifts you can give them. Read More >>

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Which Comics to Read and Where to Start: Spider-Man, Walking Dead and More

Comics are well and truly part of mainstream culture these days, no doubt thanks to the sheer number of film and television adaptations that have arrived over the past several years. The problem is that comics have been around for decades, and often bring long complicated continuities along for the ride. Where do you begin if you want to start seriously reading comics? Read More >>

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Win the Office Christmas Party With These Awesome £5 Secret Santa Gifts

The joys of working in an office at Christmastime. All the silly annual rituals you're expected to take part in: the office after-work drinks, the departmental Christmas meals, the lunchtime buffets, and of course, the exchange of secret santa gifts. You know the score: you draw a name out of a hat, and pick a gift for that person to a set budget. They (ideally) never know it was you who bought their present... so go as crazy as you want. Or, you know, be nice and buy them something you know they'll love – but where's the fun in that? Read More >>

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The Giz UK Gift Guide for Fans of Top Gear/The Grand Tour

Clarkson, Hammond, and May are back on TV screens again (as well as on every other internet-enabled device), and this is a good thing for fans of the old (new) Top Gear. Especially since The Grand Tour is basically the same programme. If you're looking for gifts for the fan in your life, or if you fancy treating yourself to something instead, look no further than our Top Gear/Grand Tour-themed gift guide. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Fans of All Things Disney

Disney's had a long history, and every heart has a special place reserved for the House of Mouse. It also owns some of the biggest franchises in the world, like Star Wars and Marvel. With Christmas on the way, we thought it best to take a look at some of the stuff you can by for yourself, or the Disney fanatic in your life. Read More >>

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Apple Fanboys

Respected by all for their worthy exploits, such as camping outside stores for grossly overpriced electronics, deifying obnoxious men in turtlenecks and refusing to acknowledge the existence of anything untouched by Jony Ive's hand, Apple fanboys are the pillars upon which the technology industry stands, representing everything great about it. Read More >>