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The Best Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

Winter in July. That's what's kind of happening at the moment, since Game of Thrones has returned to dominate the television landscape for another six weeks. The first episode has already aired, but there's still plenty to come, and with this list of swag you can make sure you're completely prepped for the episodes ahead - and that you have enough to keep you going until next year. Read More >>

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The Best Set-Top Boxes for All Your Kodi Needs

Kodi is a big deal these days. The media centre software had humble beginnings on the Xbox, and has now become an ever popular tool for people across the world. While not all of that popularity is for the right reasons, there's a lot that can be done with it. But you might need a dedicated device, especially if you're planning on using it on your TV. Read More >>

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Essential Reading From the World of Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits cinemas today, and while it might seem extreme to have another reboot of the franchise the film is very good. Everyone seems to think so, and it's certainly one of the best MCU films so far. Whether you've seen the film or not, you might want to read up on Spidey's comic adventures. So, with that in mind, here are some bits you can't afford to ignore. Read More >>

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All the Gadgets and Gear You Need to Cool Off in the Heatwave

It's hot. Too hot. Uncomfortable and ice cream-craving hot. In a country where air conditioners are the exception, rather than the rule, we need a few things to help keep us comfortable on the few days of the year when it gets like this. Here are some of those things, which should help keep your self nice and cool in the coming days and weeks. Read More >>

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The Best E3 Games Due Out in 2017

Over on the other side of the world, E3 is taking over Los Angeles with game developers showcasing all their upcoming games to hungry audiences of fans and journalists alike. New games have to come out eventually, though, and while some new announcements might not reach us for another year or two, there are plenty of games on show that are arriving in the next six months. Let's take a look at some of the best. Read More >>

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Essential Reading Before You See Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been on comic pages since 1941, so its a travesty that it took so long for her to get her own solo movie. But it's very nearly here, and that means she's going to be re-introduced to a great many people who don't know her comic book history. If you're one of them, here's a selection of stuff you should read before you head into the cinema. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets To Safeguard Your Stuff When You’re on Holiday.

We've already talked about a few ways you can increase security in the home, but what about when you're away from familiar surroundings? If you're going on holiday you don't have the same level of security as you do at home, but thankfully there are some thing you can buy to make sure you and your stuff is nice and safe. Read More >>

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Essential Reading From the World of Judge Dredd

Did you hear? There's a Judge Dredd TV series coming, and even though we don't know when it'll arrive it's cause for excitement. With that in mind, and given Dredd's 40-year long history, we've put together a list of essential reading to help you prepare for the impending TV adaptation - just in case you only saw Dredd and the other film nobody talks about. Read More >>

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May The Fourth Be With You: All the Best Stuff to Buy on Star Wars Day

It's May the Fourth, internationally recognised as Star Wars day. Since Star Wars quickly evolved into a way for George Lucas (and later Disney) to earn plenty of sweet, sweet merchandising cash, what better way to celebrate that buying a bunch of stuff? Here's a small selection of stuff you should think about buying, especially if you're mad about the franchise. Read More >>

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All the Best Wibbley Wobbley Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

In case you hadn't noticed, Doctor Who returned to television screens this weekend. Properly this time, not the one off that we got at Christmas. Anyway, as we head into Peter Capaldi's last series as the Doctor, tensions are high as we try and work out who the next one will be. We've got 12 weeks until the series ends, and then another Christmas special, and Capaldi is gone. Read More >>

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Essential Reading to Complement Netflix’s Iron Fist

The fourth Marvel TV series hit Netflix last weekend, bringing Iron Fist into the world of live action for the very first time. It's, erm, well it's not the worst original series Netflix has come up with, but it certainly doesn't hold a candle to its Marvel-fuelled siblings. If you've started watching the series (and maybe even finished it), you might be interested to learn more about the world of Danny Rand and his glowing punches. If you need a place to start, we've got all the best stories you should get reading. Read More >>

How to Buy a Smart TV That Won’t Make Your House Sad

In the market for a brand new, shiny, smart TV? The good news is that there’s more excellent choices out there than ever; the bad news is that working your way through all the options can take up precious time you could be spending binge-watching Westworld. Let us ease your purchasing headaches and point out what to look for. Read More >>

A Voice Remote for the Amazon Echo is Your ‘Alexa, Solve My First World Problems’ Deal of the Day

Here's the latest first world problem to swing our way. You have an Amazon Echo, but your single device can't cover the entire house or struggles with all the background noise. Rather than buy multiple devices, you can opt for a dedicated voice remote that you can carry around with you. It lets you bark commands at Alexa via Bluetooth, even if the basestation is too far away. It also has volume control and media playback buttons. It can be yours for £15.99 at Amazon UK with the code 20NEWYEAR. Read More >>

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Giz UK’s Gift Guide for Ourselves

Recently we've been going over all the different gifts you can buy yourself, or others, over the Christmas season. But while you've been doing that, we've been looking over all the things we would really love with envious eyes. Things we want, but probably can't justify spending money on. Read More >>

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The Best Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

You may have noticed that yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Patrick Troughton's first appearance on Doctor Who. With that in mind, and the fact that the BBC just launched a new spin-off of the decades-old sci-fi programme, we're going to take a look at the best Doctor Who-themed swag you can buy. Read More >>