A Landmark Kodi Box Trial Has Been Cancelled After the Defendant Changed his Plea

You might recognise the name Brian Thompson if you were paying attention to Kodi news about a year ago. He was the first person in the UK to be prosecuted for selling those 'fully-loaded' Kodi boxes' you've been hearing so much about, and was set to go on trial to determine his whether he was guilty or innocent. Now, though, according to TorrentFreak, that landmark trial has been cancelled, because Thompson changed his plea to guilty. Read More >>

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2 Computer Science Profs + 1 Room + 30 Minutes of Conversation = Geek Gold

Professor Brian Kernighan is computing heavyweight: he worked at Bell Labs, helped develop Unix and was one of two authors of the C programming language. Here, he talks with one of the UK’s foremost computer science professors, Professor David Brailsford. Time to geek out. Read More >>

Dennis Ritchie, Co-Creator of Unix and Founder of C, Has Died

In less than a week, the world has lost two tech pioneers. Last week, we mourned the passing of Steve Jobs, and now we say goodbye to computer scientist Dennis Ritchie who also recently died. Read More >>