Uh-Oh, Amazon’s Letting Kids Design Drones

Amazon is working with the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to run a competition for schoolchildren to design their own drones. Which means we may never be safe from the buggers ever again. Read More >>

UK Officials are Going to Deliberately Crash Drones into Planes

These days you can barely turn around before being confronted with a billion different stories about commercial airliners having some close calls with drones. Now plans have been revealed to see just how much danger there is, and it genuinely involves crashing drones into planes. Read More >>

Parrot Disco Hands-On Review: The Drone That Gives Beginners Wings

"Look up in the sky. It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's the most cliché-driven introduction to a drone story that you have ever heard!" Forgive me for summoning the hackneyed phrasing, but it was that famous Superman line that flashed across my mind as I witnessed Parrot's new Disco drone gliding through the Californian skies, my neck craned to see the fixed-wing craft in full flight set across the solid, baking hot blue expanse above. Read More >>

A Guide to Drones in the UK: What to Buy and Where to Fly

From the moment I first came across them, I’ve been terrified of drones. Autonomous, unnervingly-advanced flying machines capable of causing unbelievable levels of destruction. Since they were first deployed for military purposes by the US government around a decade ago, military drones are estimated to have killed up to around 6,000 people across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. At home, of course, it’s a rather different story. Read More >>

In-Flight Entertainment to Get a Boost as Take-Off and Landing Ban on Gadgets Could Be Lifted

Passengers on flights across the US are now free to use their gadgets during both take-off and landing, and that FAA-granted courtesy could soon be extended across Europe too. The relevant governing bodies, including the UK's Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency, are also considering the change, putting an army of "Flight Mode" devs on the dole. [Guardian] Read More >>