Activists Cancel Cable Car Tightrope Walk Due to Wobbliness

A Greenpeace protest that would've seen some of its more adventurous members tightrope walking along the Thames cable car line was cancelled today, after activists got up there and decided the cable was a bit too wobbly for comfort. Read More >>

Linking the World’s Highest Cities With the Longest Urban Cable Car

La Paz is situated at a whopping 3,650 metres above sea level in Bolivia. El Alto, the country's second biggest metropolis, is located 500 metres above that. Now a new cable car system linking the world's highest cities made its public début, allowing tens of thousands of commuters to bypass congested roadways for a sleek ride in the sky. Read More >>

The Thames Cable-Car-to-Nowhere Takings Have Plummeted

Poor old North Greenwich, the inaccessible bit of London's docklands that struggled to find something to do with the Millennium Dome for years, would appear to have a new redundant bit of infrastructure on its hands. The cable car, one of the 2012 Olympics' highlights, isn't exactly pulling people in. Read More >>

Soon You’ll Be Able to Fly Over the River Thames In a Fancy New Cable Car

After a myriad of delays, the final stages of the £60m cable car over the Thames that connects Greenwich and the O2 Arena with the Royal Docks just across the river are being put into place. All three supporting towers are now up and one of the 1.1km steel cables stretching over the water is set undergoing testing; the project is apparently s on track to complete before the Olympics, but unfortunately neither you nor I will be able to ride it initially. Read More >>