This Sketch of Josh Brolin as Cable Makes Us Even More Excited for Deadpool 2

I’m pretty sure this is how casting for superhero movies works out, right? You get drawn as the character first, and then you sign the multi-picture deal. Either way, Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld’s take on Josh Brolin as the character is pretty damn awesome. Read More >>

Report: Josh Brolin Is Deadpool 2’s Cable

After what’s felt like ages of speculation, a contender out of nowhere has apparently swooped in to take on the role of Deadpool’s time-travelling best bud: Marvel movie alumni Josh Brolin appears to be Deadpool 2's choice for Cable. Read More >>

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Your Guide to Cable, Marvel Comics’ Living Embodiment of Time-Travel Nonsense

Deadpool 2 is looking to finally bring Cable from the pages of Marvel comics to the big screen. But there’s one daunting aspect of that—how do you explain a comic book history as complex and as absurd as Cable has? For now, it sounds like the answer is to avoid as much of it as possible. Allow us to explain why that’s an extremely good idea. Read More >>

This MagSafe Ripoff Cable Sucks

Charging cables aren’t exactly the sexiest pieces of technology, but they’re essential to every setup. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about the charging cable I’m using, but when it comes to USB-C cables, the options are pretty bad right now. So, when I saw the Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable, I desperately wanted to test it out. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s 200Mbps “Vivid” Ultrafast Launches October 1st

Virgin Media's gone and announced the new super/ultra type of broadband product it's been testing for some time, revealing it'll be sold under the brand name "Vivid" -- and will top out at connections offering up to 200Mbps, should you have one of its wires poking out of your living room into the street. Read More >>

Vodafone Ponders Asset Swaps With Virgin Media’s US Owner

Vodafone has come out with a public confirmation that it is "in the early stages of discussions" with US cable network Liberty Global about some sort of deal. Previous rumours suggested Vodafone might buy the entire company in a debt-laden mega deal, but some sort of tamer swap of key assets appears to be more likely now. Read More >>

Your Next Laptop Could Have the Holy Grail of USB Ports

In just a couple of years, your MacBook Air or Surface Pro could look obsolete. Denizens of the future won't understand why you have so many gaping holes in your machine. Why would you need a full-size USB socket, a magnetic charging port, and a video output when you can cram them all into a single tiny plug? Because that's what the VESA standards body just announced with the new USB 3.1 Type-C jack, and it's coming right around the corner. Read More >>

Five More Sky Channels Coming to Virgin’s EPG

Sky and Virgin Media have shuffled the terms of their agreement to bring Sky Sports 3 HD, Sky Sports 4 HD, Sky Sports F1 HD, Sky Sports News HD and Sky News HD to the Virgin line-up. And the new channels will be added to Virgin's desktop and mobile streaming services, too. Read More >>

The Xbox One is Turning Your Phone Into the Only Remote You Need

The Xbox One's TV-controlling powers are a great feature; having a list of just the channels you watch is how all TV surfing should be. But if you use a set-top box, you probably also have a DVR, and the Xbox One has been useless at controlling it. Until now. Read More >>

BT’s Rural Broadband Plans Criticised by MPs for Lacking Useful Details

The complex plan to wire up the messier rural parts of the country have been criticised by a group of MPs again, who say that BT's failing to provide accurate future coverage and speed data and also accuse it of altering plans to freeze out the competition. Read More >>

Netflix Streams Coming to Virgin Media TiVo Boxes

Two of our media titans are set to collide, with old world cable TV and ISP network Virgin Media set to start carrying content from new media streaming darling Netflix. Read More >>

BT Sport Channels Now Available in HD on Virgin Media

The two BT Sport channels and their ESPN overseas exchange student buddy are now available on Virgin Media, with the cable network providing them for free to anyone who currently subscribes to the Virgin XL TV bundle. Read More >>

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This Is What an Undersea Data Cable Actually Looks Like

The internet doesn't just happen; it's served up to us by thousands of miles of physical cabling, and much of it, naturally, has to stretch under the sea in order to make it truly international. In case you've ever wondered, this is what one of those cables actually looks like. Read More >>

Chopped Cable Downs Virgin Media TV and Internet on the South Coast

The precious umbilical cord of light that connects thousands of Portsmouth and Southampton residents to the internet has been cut through by engineers, leaving thousands of Virgin customers in the area without telly and cable broadband. Read More >>

Google Works Out How to Make Money From Android — Charge £16 for a USB Cable

Google has launched a new range of official accessories to accompany the Nexus 4, although you'd be best off not bothering with its USB cable which costs a ludicrous £9.99 -- and an additional £5.99 in shipping costs. Madness. Read More >>