Uber Rival Lyft Has Been Cosying up With London Transport Officials

Lyft, one of the other taxi-hailing apps that's yet to launch in London or anywhere outside of the US, has been having meetings with Transport for London officials. Presumably it's because a London launch is on the cards and not just because everyone fancied a nice day out at the zoo on expenses. Read More >>

Uber To Teach Drivers How To Make More Money

Uber's been talking to drivers, and today announced a series of new initiatives to address the feedback they got. They include a way to cash out the money you've made early, discounted ISAs and lessons on how to make the most money with your time. Read More >>

UberPool Will Be One of London’s Cheapest Taxi Services, But You’ll Have to Speak to Strangers

Taxi app Uber is launching a new service in London, which it says will combat pollution and congestion, while also delivering better value for money for passengers. UberPool lands in the capital on Friday as a car-sharing service, encouraging passengers to ride along with strangers if they’re heading in the same direction. Read More >>

London’s Mayor Says Uber Drivers Routinely Break the Law

Boris Johnson has come out on the side of London's black cab drivers for once, using an opinion column to turn on popular ride-getting app Uber -- claiming that many of its drivers are guilty of "systematically" breaking the laws that separate taxi world from minicab land. Read More >>

Black Cab Drivers Storm City Hall as Boris Johnson Kindles Uber Taxi Row

London's community of black cab drivers has again been embroiled in a row with Mayor Boris Johnson, as the two parties came to blows over technology's increasing influence over the capital's taxi trade. Read More >>

South Korea Has Charged Uber’s CEO With Operating Illegal Taxi Rings

Almost 30 people associated with Uber, including its CEO Travis Kalanick, have been charged in South Korea on suspicion of operating illegal taxi services in the country. Read More >>

London’s Cashless Push May See Cabbies Forced to Take Cards

London's black cab drivers may soon have a new worry, with Transport for London considering launching a consultation on the idea of making all cabbies take payments by card. Read More >>

Transport for London Backs Uber and Says it’s all Legal in London

Legal advice sought by TfL in the wake of London's recent taxi street war over the rise of Uber says the service is operating perfectly legally and in agreement with the terms of London's taxi microcosm, so... there. Read More >>

10,000 Black Cabs to Block Trafalgar Square in Uber Protest Tomorrow

The row between cabbies and mobile app Uber rages on, with 10,000 of London's black cab drivers preparing a protest which would bring traffic to a standstill in one the capital's busiest regions. Read More >>

London Black Cab Fury Turns to the “Scabs” at Hailo

The official protest by London's cabbies against Uber is still scheduled for next month, but now there's another unofficial target of cab driver fury. The office of Hailo, the app that's supposed to be on the side of London's official taxi drivers, has been vandalised. Read More >>

London Cabbies Plan Go-Slow Strike Over Uber’s Taxi App

A row between London's black cabs and smartphone-based minicab enabler Uber could bring traffic chaos to the capital, with licensed cabbies set to launch a congestion protest about the Uber drivers' smartphone taximeter tool. Read More >>

Step On It! And No Damn Talking, OK?

We've all been there, the wait for a delayed bus has pissed you right off, so you decide to jump in cab. Then your driver just wont stop chatting about his sodding mortgage or his mum's bloody hip replacement. Read More >>