Cadbury Puts Massive Chocolate Foot in Diversity Debate

Cadbury did something it thought was good and very clever to help celebrate India's Independence Day, blending together four chocolates of various milkiness and combining them into one bar. This says that no matter what the colour of the skin of the person you eat is, we all taste the same. Read More >>

Curly Wurly, Fudge and Chomp Fall to Portion Size Police

Cadbury is about to melt, temptingly and deliciously and metaphorically, to modern opinion about sugary food portion sizes, and is to begin reshaping its ranges of chocolates for children to bring them under the 100 calories-per-pack psychological limit. As if any of the kids ever eat just one of anything any more. Read More >>

Cadbury’s Freddo Has Been Encouraging Kids to Loot

We regret to inform you that chocolate bastion of British childhoods Freddo has been cancelled. Read More >>

Cadbury Loses Trademark Battle Over Wrapping Chocolate in Purple

The particular blend of purple that Cadbury uses to identify its Dairy Milk range may soon start appearing everywhere on the tempting chocolate aisle of shame, as the latest legal battle to protect the use of the colour has been decided in favour of Cadbury's enemies. Read More >>

Cadbury’s Made A Chocolate Bar Shaped Like A Football Pitch

Have you ever wanted to eat an entire football pitch's worth of chocolate? Well, Cadbury has your back -- sort of. Read More >>

Cadbury’s Releasing a New Low-Sugar Dairy Milk

Sugar is bad for you. Very bad for you. It fucks up your teeth, has way too many calories, and can fuck up your pancreas if you're not too careful. We're getting to the point where people are realising that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't be stuffing sugar into everything. So companies have been working on reducing their sugar content, and not just because the law might change and say they have to, with the latest being Cadbury. Read More >>

Cadbury is Giving the Public the Chance to Develop a New Kind of Dairy Milk

I don't know how many different versions of Dairy Milk there are out there. Lots. At least two of them are made with Oreos and another two have nuts in, plus all those other amalgamations that include different Cadbury chocolate bars. Well now the chocolatiers must be out of ideas, because they're asking members of the general public to try and design their own. Read More >>

Cadbury Freddo Price Axed to 25p Each as Britain is SAVED

Yes, people power and perhaps even the (garden) gloved hand of Jeremy Corbyn has secured a victory for the common man and his equally common and obese child! The price of the Cadbury Freddo is about to be relaxed from its incendiary high of 30p each, with some frogs -- of the same size and recipe -- about to hit the shops with a printed-on, non-negotiable RRP of just 25p. Read More >>

Outrage as Cadbury Social Media Intern* Declares Creme Eggs are Actually called “Crem Eggs”

You know those little eggs Cadbury releases for Easter, with the blob of diabetes in the middle? Apparently everyone, including Cadbruy itself, has been pronouncing the name incorrectly. According to a now-deleted tweet on Cadbury's Twitter page, they're not called 'cream eggs', they're called 'Crem eggs'. You know, like the French would say. Read More >>

Shops Gutted in Hunt for £2,000 Albino Creme Egg

We hate to say we told you so, but, on January 3 in a post titled 'There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets' we correctly hypothesised that the hiding of random white eggs within the foil Creme Egg packaging would lead to mass peeling away of foil and spoiling of normal eggs in the hunt for prize-winning white eggs. And it has. It's in the news. Read More >>

Cadbury’s Pulled Fudge From its Selection Boxes, and People are Outraged

Change happens but people will always resist it, being the dumb panicking apes that we are. Sometimes that resistance will be an obvious pre-planned stunt, like how Walkers claimed it might get rid of a classic flavour "forever". Sometimes it's just something that had to be done. Whatever the reason, though, Cadbury has pulled the Fudge bar from its selection boxes, and people are fuming. Read More >>

The Battle to Trademark the KitKat Shape

Cadbury and Nestle are currently engaged in a war of words and shapes in the EU courts, where Cadbury is fighting an attempt by Nestle to trademark the trapezoid chocolate finger shape of the KitKat bar. Read More >>

This Vending Machine Gives Free Chocolate in Exchange for Facebook Info

Cadbury has installed a vending machine in Sydney in order to match people up with their perfect flavour of chocolate bar. The catch? You have to log into Facebook from the vending machine to get one. Read More >>

Cadbury Develops Non-Melting Chocolate — But Will You Be Able To Eat It?

Choco specialist Cadbury is claiming to have invented a new chocolate formula that can survive the furnace-like atmosphere of the car dashboard, with its new choc recipe able to withstand 40-degree heat for over three hours. Read More >>