Do You Want to Eat This New Caffeine-Catalysed Gel as Much as I Do?

Finally, scientists have delivered exactly what you’ve been asking for: an edible polymer gel made with caffeine. Finally. Read More >>

Waitrose Stops Under-16s Buying Ultra-Caffeinated Drinks

Waitrose is about to restrict the sale of the most highly caffeinated energy drinks to children, with a move to ban sales of the garish beverages to under-16s expected to be in place by early March. Read More >>

Coffee Could Be Changing Our Perception of Taste

Coffee seems to be the most overstudied beverage; seemingly every day we’re bombarded with another study about it causing or curing cancer. But surprisingly, there are plenty of scientists who don’t really understand its many effects. In fact, it may even be changing the way we taste all the other things we eat in a day, a new study suggests. Read More >>

Controversial Studies Suggest Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

Coffee drinkers, rejoice. Two new studies are linking our favourite hot beverage to a decreased chance of being killed by heart disease, cancer, a stroke, and more. So, does this mean we can start drinking coffee with reckless abandon? We spoke to the experts to find out, and not surprisingly, the answer is complicated. Read More >>

University Very, Very Sorry It Gave Lab Students ‘Easily Fatal’ Doses of Caffeine

During a lab test at Northumbria University last March, sports science students were supposed to receive around 300 milligrams of caffeine. Due to a misplaced decimal point, prosecutors say two of them were given 30,000 milligrams—equal to 300 cups of coffee or almost twice the generally recognised lethal dose—instead. And now the university is so, so sorry. Read More >>

How Much Coffee You Need is a Genetic Trait

For some, three double espressos is barely enough to get them out of bed; for others, the whiff of weak latte is enough to have them jittering. Now, it turns out that those differing reactions are genetic. Read More >>

Glaswegian Coffee Among the Strongest in Europe

Coffee enthusiasts in Glasgow may be unwittingly sailing through their daily caffeine quotas thanks to unusually strong brewing habits, with Scottish coffee even outdoing the enthusiastic Italians when it comes to strength. Read More >>

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How Much Coffee is Too Much?

Whether it's served in a demitasse mug or a venti mochachino bucket, coffee is an essential, eye-opening morning ritual for many of us. But at what point does throwing back another vente do you more harm than good? Read More >>

The Scientifically Best Time to Drink Coffee

Ever wonder what the best time is to drink your coffee? You probably know it is not a good idea to drink part of your daily dose of caffeine in the afternoon. Especially for those who have problems sleeping. But, do you ever drink your coffee and feel like it just didn’t work? Read More >>

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Now You Can Get Your Caffeine Hit From Your Toothbrush in the Morning

Why wait for your coffee in the morning when your toothbrush can juice you up with caffeine instead? Colgate's apparently trying just that. Read More >>

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Your Morning Caffeine Shot, Up Close

This isn't a sweet. Nor is it splinters of wood from a multi-coloured tree. In fact, it's a false-coloured scanning electron micrograph showing caffeine crystals in close-up detail. No wonder the stuff gets you going first thing in the morning. Read More >>

Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

Millions of us start the morning with a coffee and think nothing of it. But new medical research suggests that it could be helping you live longer—if you drink enough of it. Read More >>

Exercise and Caffeine Is a Cancer-Fighting One-Two Punch

This is the study that many of us have been waiting for: exercise combined with caffeine will greatly reduce your risk of skin cancer caused by sun exposure. Read More >>

To Lose Weight, Just Drink a Gallon of Coffee

There's no shortage of scientific research pointing to exercise being good for you, but if you're just trying to lose weight you probably want all the help you can get. Now, research suggests that caffeine activates the same fat-busting genes as an hour's exercise. Somebody, pass the espresso. Read More >>

AeroShot Inhalable Caffeine For That Instant Hit

Who needs coffee or ProPlus when you can get your caffeine hit with a quick drag? That’s what the The Lab Store reckons with its new AeroShot instant lime-flavoured caffeine hit, which you literally inhale. Read More >>