Asda’s Gigantonormous Caterpillar Cake Serves 24 People

Everyone loves caterpillar cake, right? It's the default choice for office leavers and children's parties, although the kiddies always end up traumatised from seeing someone eat the face plate. Read More >>

Morrisons Now Sells 3-Minute Nutella, Toblerone & Smarties Mug Cakes

Winter in Britain is always a depressing affair: grey skies, numb toes and even higher energy bills. But if there's one thing that can make anything better, it's cake – especially easy-to-make, hot cake. Which is exactly what Morrisons has just launched. Read More >>

Supreme Court Heads to Northern Ireland for Gay Cake

The case of Northern Ireland bakery chain Ashers is about to be decided by the Supreme Court, and for the first time in its history the court's judges are devolving to Belfast to pass their ruling. Read More >>

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Lighting 72,000 Candles on a Birthday Cake Guarantees You Won’t Get That Wish

It’s the law of the universe that if you’re able to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake in one breath, whatever you wish for will come true. So why would you ever try to celebrate your 85th birthday by putting 72,585 lit candles on your cake? The fire department would have a hard time putting out that inferno. Read More >>

MP Who Believed in a Fake ‘Cake’ Brass Eye Drug Now in Charge of a Drugs Committee

The MP famous for bringing up the dangers of a fictitious drug in Parliament has been appointed chair of the Psychoactive Substances Bill Committee. Conservative MP David Amess came across a bit of a mug in the classic Drugs episode of Brass Eye, which first aired in 1997. Read More >>

No Way! This Perfect BTTF II DeLorean Replica Is Actually an Edible Cake

You probably woke up this morning never wanting to hear about Back to the Future II ever again. That’s totally understandable, but that also puts you at risk of missing out on this life-size BTTF II time machine replica that’s actually a gigantic amazing cake. Read More >>

Awesome Lego Wedding Cake Makes Marriage Look Almost Worthwhile

Check out this wedding cake made from edible Lego blocks. Not only does it look amazing, but it has become so popular that the original baker is now overwhelmed by orders for more like it. Read More >>

It’s Impossible Not to Crave Cake After Watching These Videos

If robots ever destroy humanity, I hope I get killed by one of these cake decorator bots. I've been trapped in a recursive cake video dimension for the last 30 minutes and now I just want to lay down under one of them and have it decorate me myself. Everywhere. While I stuff my face with cake. Enjoy! Read More >>

Aerosol Cake Batter is Real Now and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

Just when you thought that mankind's genius could stretch no further, a solid year of research has given birth to a new apex in cake innovation. Friends, say hello to Spray Cake, the Harvard-bred cake batter in a can. Read More >>

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How to Cut a Cake Using Science

If you're like most people, when you cut a cake you simply take a wedge out, making two lines from the edge straight into the centre. But there's a far, far better way to take a slice, based on maths that's over 100 years old. Read More >>

This Animated Donkey Kong Cake Just Won Best Geek Cake Forever

It's going to be impossible to beat the glorious nerdness level in this wedding cake, which uses projectors to animate Mario on his quest to beat Donkey Kong and rescue Pauline. Unless they find a way to modify the sugar molecules to act as colour displays. [YouTube] Read More >>

Human Poo Bacteria Found in Ikea Cakes

While we may shrug and joke about it on the internet when someone tells us there's horse in our lasagne and meatballs, the newest food scandal is a bit more horrifying -- bacteria normally found in human and other animal poo has popped up in Ikea cakes. Someone or something's been pooing into the food chain. Read More >>

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LED-Illuminated Imperial Star Destroyer Must Be the Best Birthday Cake In History

The Death Star wedding cake was great. So was the R2-D2. And the Luke inside the dead Tauntaun cake was absolutely amazing. But LED-illuminated Imperial Star Destroyer Cake is, so far, the best Star Wars cake I've ever seen. Or at least, the best birthday cake I can possibly imagine. Read More >>

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Birthday Cake Goes Boom In Slow Motion

If you’ve ever wanted to see a birthday cake — or any cake, for that matter, explode before your eyes, boy, do I have a video for you. Read More >>