This Wearable Abacus is Basically the World’s Oldest Smart Ring

Smart rings may seem like something from an impossible (or at least highly unlikely) vision of the future, but surprisingly enough, tech you can wrap around your little finger isn't anything new. Just take this itty-bitty abacus from the 17th century as proof. Read More >>

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How the Curta Calculator, Intended as a Gift For Hitler, Kept its Inventor Alive During WWII

Before the arrival of the microchip in the 1970s, a maths boffin didn’t have the luxury of a portable electronic calculator. They carried an abacus, a blackboard, and a bit of chalk on their person at all times. But wait, we stand corrected – for a brief spell in the second half of the twentieth century, there was an alternative, an ingenious device known as the Curta Read More >>

Calc.exe Is Dead, Long Live Google’s Calculator

Google's search-based calculator is a bit of a God-send when it comes to impromptu math, but now the Big G has gone and extended its functionality by rolling out a full-on, 34-button scientific calculator. Read More >>

Computational Devices of the Past Were Beautifully Complex

Long before anybody dreamed of a shiny iPad or glistening ultrabook, engineers and scientists used to get down to business with mechanical calculators to compute their solutions. While the concept of a mechanical calculator sounds ludicrously simple these days, a peak inside one reveals that they're anything but. Read More >>