This Sea Creature Looks Like a Penis

You know the world is ending when dicks start to take over entire beaches. No, I’m not talking about a penis havers-only nude beach. I’m talking about the fat innkeeper worm, or Urechis caupo if we’re talking sexy. The best version of its name, though, is penis fish because this worm looks like a fucking dick, man. And thousands of these pink uncircumcised dick lookalikes covered the shores of Drakes Beach at Point Reyes near San Francisco last week, leaving one man extremely puzzled. Read More >>

Dormant for 500 Years, a Potentially Deadly Fault in California Has Started to Move

This past summer, southern California experienced a significant earthquake swarm. Analysis of the event suggests earthquakes unravel in a more complicated manner than is typically appreciated. What’s more, this event has perturbed a major, previously idle fault nearby – and scientists aren’t entirely sure about the potential consequences. Read More >>

Extremely Rare Lava Lake Discovered on Remote British Island

Satellite images have confirmed the presence of a persistent lava lake within the crater of Mount Michael – an active volcano located on a remote island in the Southern Ocean. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Self-Driving Car Company Zoox to Offer Free Rides in US

Autonomous car company Zoox is poised to become the first self-driving car company approved in California to shuttle public customers, Reuters reported Friday. Read More >>

Good Boy Who Survived the California Camp Fire Guarded His Family’s Home for Nearly a Month

A good boy who survived the deadliest and most destructive fire in California’s history was found weeks later, apparently guarding the site of what was his family’s home. Read More >>

It’s Official: The Camp Fire Is Now The Deadliest in California’s History

The Camp Fire that overtook the Northern California town of Paradise last week quickly became the most destructive wildfire in state history. Now, with more than 42 dead and hundreds still missing, it is almost certainly going to be the US state’s deadliest. Read More >>

Something Unexpected and Weird Is Happening Beneath California’s Deadliest Faults

The detection of strange, unpredicted behaviour deep below the surface near the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults in the US state of California suggests scientists have an incomplete understanding of the processes responsible for earthquakes in the region. Read More >>

Alleged Co-Owners of Mugshots.com Charged With Extortion 

The California Attorney General announced criminal charges against four men it claims are the owners and operators of Mugshots.com. The website has been under fire for years over its practice of scraping law enforcement websites to publish mugshots and often incomplete criminal records. It then demands large fees through a sister site for removing the information. Read More >>

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Good Luck Repairing the Badly Damaged Oroville Dam

For three weeks in February, torrents of water rushed down the emergency spillway at Oroville dam, prompting fears that the entire structure would collapse. New images show what’s left of the 3,000-foot long concrete spillway — and the tremendous challenge that now confronts repair crews. Read More >>

Dramatic Satellite Photo Shows an ‘Atmospheric River’ Drenching California

The Pineapple Express has been wreaking havoc across much of California over the past few months, delivering unusually high amounts of rain and threatening the state with floods and landslides. A dramatic new satellite image shows this “atmospheric river” as it extends from Hawaii to the US West Coast. Read More >>

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Drone Footage of a Draining Dam Looks Like Flying Into a Black Hole

To prevent massive dams from overflowing when heavy rains cause water levels to rise, spillways like this are used to drain water to the stream below. Without a true sense of scale, it looks just like the drain in your bath, but from a drone’s bird’s eye view, the opening to this spillway looks more like a black hole sucking everything in. Read More >>

An Obscure Fault in Southern California is More Dangerous Than We Thought

A little-known fault underneath the southern Californian city of Santa Barbara is capable of producing stronger shaking and more damage during an earthquake than previously thought, according to new research. Called the Ventura-Pitas Point Fault, it’s now thought to be capable of producing magnitude 8.0 earthquakes, and even tsunamis. Read More >>

After More Than 100 Years, California’s Iconic Tunnel Tree Is No More

The Pioneer Cabin Tree, a giant sequoia in Calaveras Big Trees State Park that was tunnelled through in the 1880s, has fallen due to severe winter weather. It was believed to be hundreds of years old. Read More >>

California to Uber: Stop Your Self-Driving Cabs Right Now Or Else

Just hours after Uber launched a fleet of semi-autonomous cars in San Francisco, state regulators sent the company a letter saying it “must cease” the pilot program on Wednesday, threatening unspecified legal action if they do not, the Associated Press reports. Read More >>

Los Angeles Subway Expansion Uncovers Mastodon Remains at Least 10,000 Years Old

Last week, a construction project for the Los Angeles subway turned into a scientific excavation after workers uncovered fossilised skull, tooth and tusk fragments from ancient elephant relatives that have been extinct for 10,000 years. Read More >>