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Watch This Artist Reveal His Invisible Calligraphy Using a Few Drops of Ink

We’ve featured Seb Lester’s remarkable calligraphy talents before, but in this video, instead of hand-lettering iconic corporate logos, he’s seemingly performing calligraphic magic by making beautifully stylised letters appear right before your eyes with just a few drops of ink. Read More >>

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I Can’t Believe This Designer Can Draw All These Logos By Hand

Think you’ve got a good party trick? British designer Seb Lester can draw pixel-perfect logos with a few sweeps of his calligraphy pen. I watched in disbelief as he reproduced some fairly complex type using only his steady hand. Read More >>

China’s Newest Apple Store is a Calligraphy Masterpiece

I am defiantly not an Apple Store kinda person. I've yet to queue up for the latest iPhone, certainly don't aimlessly browse around during my lunch hour, and buy all my cases off Amazon. But Apple's latest chunk of Cupertino on foreign soil would make me change all that. Read More >>

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This Motion Capture Robot Could One Day Paint a Masterpiece

Researchers at Keio University have developed a motion capture robot that can record and reproduce the entire velocity of an expert calligrapher's brush strokes. This could lead to improvements to the way robots learn skills, and lead to a pretty handy robo-surgical helper someday. Read More >>